Colton Dixon | BC PULSE Interview - "The Heart Behind the Art"- Anchor

Colton Dixon | BC PULSE Interview - "The Heart Behind the Art"- Anchor

Lecrae Releases 'Anomaly' Bonus Track 'Non-Fiction'; 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' Appearance Now on Hulu [VIDEOS]

Lecrae and Reach Records put out a new track to celebrate his No. 1 album status called "Non-Fiction," and reveals a little about his hip-hop roots.

Creationist Ken Ham Fires Back at Christian Evolutionist Tyle Francke; Says Science Uses 'Man's Opinions' [AUDIO]

The always informative and yet sometimes controversial Bad Christian Podcast caught the attention of Creationist Ken Ham when he was informed of their interview with Tyler Francke. The Christian scientist provided a rebuttal toward some of Francke's thoughts on the origins of life.

Kirk Cameron Joins Pray31 in a War Cry for America: Actor Asks for One Million People to Join Him in Prayer [VIDEO]

Kirk Cameron is getting behind a historic initiative called Pray31, which is calling for congregations from coast to coast, to shake up the country by experiencing the power of intensive, purposeful prayer.



Lily Isaacs Talks Cancer Healing [Interview Part 3]

Lily Isaacs shared the incredible journey of her life with BreatheCast as expressed in her memoir 'You Don't Cry Out Loud'. This is the final piece of three parts we wrote on her, and this will focus on dealing with breast cancer and the emotional toll it takes.


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