Sanctus Real Lead Singer Matt Hammitt Announces Departure; Band Launches Farewell to a Friend Tour & Greatest Hits Album

After 20 years, Sanctus Real lead singer Matt Hammitt, has just announced his departure from the band, effective in December and the band released letters to their fans.

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Welcomes VeggieTales and Bibleman Comic Series to Attendees

The largest pop-culture entertainment event in the world, THE COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2015 kicks off this week with sellout attendance of more than 125,000. The CHRISTIAN COMIC ARTS SOCIETY (CCAS) is honored to partner with B&H Kids to deliver top talent, projects, and compelling events open to all Comic-Con attendees, as well as the official announcement of VeggieTales Super Comics 3 & 4, and the re-launch of the Bibleman franchise.

Evangelist Ray Comfort Says a 'Tsunami Has Hit The Church' in America After Same Sex Marriage Ruling [FILM INTERVIEW]

BREATHEcast caught up with popular evangelist Ray Comfort to talk about his new film 'Audacity' in which he takes on the delicate subject of homosexuality and Christianity.

Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson & 'Faith of Our Fathers' Star Kevin Downes Say Being a 'Jesus Freak' is Fun and Promotes Only Love [VIDEO]

Actors of the new film 'Faith of Our Fathers' Si Robertson and Kevin Downes opened up about being a Jesus Freak in times like these in America while promoting their new movie.




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