Rapper NF Says Lecrae Helps Bridge the Gap Between Christian and Secular Hip-Hop, 'It's Legit, It's Good' (INTERVIEW PART 2)

Hip-Hop artist NF is not afraid to be honest and authentic with his music. It is this quality along with amazing skills as a rapper that has made him the hottest up and comer in Christian music. BreatheCast had the opportunity to chat with the "Wake Up" rapper about music's power, being "Christian enough," and being a "white rapper."

Singer Lindsay McCaul Talks New Album 'One More Step', Married Life, and Coping with Her Father's Death (VIDEO)

Contemporary singer Lindsay McCaul released her sophomore project and Centricity Music debut, One More Step, on Tuesday and BreatheCast caught up with the singer for an exclusive interview about the recording process, losing her father, and her extremely supportive husband.

Christian Rapper NF is Unashamed to be Honest and Authentic, 'Music is the Only Place that I Don't Mind Being Really Blunt' (INTERVIEW PART 1)

Christian rapper NF has been making waves with the release of his self-titled EP, and BreatheCast had the chance to chat with the very talented singer and hip-hop artist where he opened up about honesty, emotion, and his own personal struggles.



Hillsong Young & Free's Taya Talks Sold Out 2014 Misfits Conference in NYC, 'What God is Doing in Here is Just Crazy' (INTERVIEW)

Teens and Young adults took over lower Manhattan, New York City over the weekend for Misfits Conference 2014 and BreatheCast caught up with Conference performer Taya from Hillsong Young & Free before she hit the stage to discuss the move of God happening throughout the eccentric city.


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