Hillsong Conference 2014 Day 2 Recap: 'Church Talk' Segment Stirs Emotions as Brian Houston Openly Discusses Father's Pedophilia [PHOTOS]

BREATHEcast was in attendance during the morning session of the Hillsong conference in Madison Square Garden's theater Friday and perhaps the most emotional part of the three day event is when senior pastor Brian Houston opened up about what he calls "the worse day of his life," confronting his father on pedophilia charges.

Dove Awards 2014: Natalie Grant Leaves Crowd in Awe with Stunning Performance of 'I Need Thee Every Hour' & 'Hurricane' [WATCH HERE]

BREATHEcast was in attendance at the 45th annual Dove Awards and although Grant was one of the last performers of the night, her soulful voice and mash up medley performance was arguably one of the best overall.

'True Love Project' Author Talks Virginity, Sex, & Purity Amongst Teens [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Sex before marriage amongst youth is a topic that is often promoted in mainstream media so BREATHEcast took the time to chat with critically acclaimed author Clayton King about his newest 'True Love Project' to find out the true meaning of purity.

Shia LaBeouf Says Brad Pitt Led Him to Jesus on ‘Fury’ Movie Set [VIDEO TRAILER]

'Transformers' star Shia LaBeouf revealed in a recent interview that Brad Pitt and film director David Ayer helped him find Jesus on the set of their WWII movie entitled 'Fury'.




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