Is the Bible an Imperfect Book Used Perfectly by God? Why is More Faith Placed in Scripture Than Jesus? (INTERVIEW)

Members of the Bad Christian Podcast spoke to BreatheCast about several topics including whether any of their guests on the show have swayed their faith and views on Christianity, to which Pastor Joey Svendsen admitted, yes

Gay Student Raises $100,000 After Family Attacks & Disowns Him For Being Gay; Secret Viral Footage Shows Violent Exchange [VIDEO]

19-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce documented his family's horrific intervention in response to the fact that he is gay, but because of this, he has raised thousands of dollars to help him get on his feet after they kicked him out. Christians on the Internet chimed in about the family's response and their take on the Bible.

Joan Rivers' Family Hold Prayer Vigil in Hospital; Rihanna, Gladys Knight, Anjelah Johnson & More Join in on Twitter, 'Jesus, I Pray for a Miracle' (VIDEO)

81-year-old comedian pioneer Joan Rivers has been flooded with support and prayer from her peers in Hollywood after a minor throat surgery put her on life support. While Rivers is slowly returning from her medically induced coma, her daughter Melissa Rivers is reportedly holding a prayer vigil in the hospital with her family.

Colton Dixon's 'More of You' Came From 'Daily Struggle' to Make 'Jesus Time'

Colton Dixon chatted with NewReleaseTuesday about his single "More of You" off his new album, Anchor, and described it as a song that teaches us to grow closer to God.




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