P.O.D. Hit Studio to Record New Album; Share Pictures with Fans on Facebook

Christian reggae/rock/rap band P.O.D. is gearing up to release a new full length album, and the guys have entered the studio to begin the recording process.

Backstreet Boy Visits Jerusalem and Reconnects With His Christian Faith; Singer Gets Baptized in the Jordan River [PHOTOS]

People do not normally associate popular boy bands with Christ but this past week one of the biggest boy bands of all time, The Backstreet Boys visited Israel and lead singer Brian Littrell took time on his trip to visit some of the places named in the Bible and decided to be baptized in the Jordan River.

NBC's 'A.D. The Series' Ep. 8 Details Astounding Miracles Performed by Jesus' Followers & Conversion of Notorious Christian Killer Saul [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

'A.D. The Series' continues to captivate its audience week after week on NBC as the season reaches a little bit over its half way mark. On Episode 8 the world gets an inside look into the supernatural miracles Jesus' disciples performed in his name, as well as witnessing the powerful conversion of one of the most notorious Christian persecutors, Saul, who later becomes the Apostle Paul.

Hollywood Actress Shunned & Embraced By Amish Community? ’Love Finds You In Charm’ Star Learns First Hand Her Characters Struggles [INTERVIEW]

Hollywood actress Danielle Chuchran takes us on an insightful journey of her experience in the Amish culture while filming the UP's new movie 'Love Finds You In Charm.' She shared what learned about the secluded community, the contrast from Hollywood, and how she was both shunned and embraced.




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