TLC Series 'Answered Prayers' With Host Roma Downey Series Premiere: Episode Provided Real-Life Proof of Power of Prayer [WATCH HERE]

The new series 'Answered Prayers' premiered last night on TLC and the exploration of modern-day miracles hosted by Roma Downey ("The Bible Series," "Son of God," "AD," "Touched by an Angel") leaves the viewer wanting more.

Five Times 'The Voice' Contestants Showcased Classy Christian Songs on Stage -- and Blew Audiences Away

As 'The Voice' has only gotten more and more popular on American television, contestants have learned that to speak the language of their target audience can only benefit them when it's time for votes to be counted. That being the case, it seems that contestants (and their coaches) are selecting songs that will appeal to Christians for their big moments on stage.

Chris Tomlin's Prayers: Singer Prays for 'Worship Night in America', Family, & New Songs [INTERVIEW]

Chris Tomlin is arguably the most successful artist in worship music and today he is about to embark on a tour he has always dreamed of, 'Worship Night In America.' In a recent interview with BREATHEcast the singer candidly shared what his current prayers requests are.

Trip Lee Releases 'Sweet Victory' Music Video off of 'Rise' Album; Rapper Illustrates Jesus' Death with a Car [WATCH HERE]

Christian rapper Trip Lee released a music video for his song "Sweet Victory" featuring Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith off his latest album Rise, and the emcee uses the destruction of a car to illustrate the crucifixion of Jesus.



5 Classic Books Every Christian Should Read Besides the Bible

One of the most important things a Christian can do to strengthen their walk with God is to read the Bible in order to draw out life lessons. However, in addition to the scriptures, many find it helpful to read other forms of literature that expound upon, bring life to, or enhance the Bible reading


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