The Evolution of Skillet: A Band Fueled by Reinvention is Still as Strong as Ever

For a band that started as a side-project for all of its members, Skillet has had surprising staying power. Their relentless touring schedule and ability to adapt in a changing Christian music landscape are certainly part of the secret behind their success. Now active on the scene for nineteen years, the band's inventiveness, work ethic and sheer talent continue to carry Skillet's music to new places as they cultivate an ever-growing fan base.

Emery's Toby Morrell Loves the 'Freedom' of Independence, Clears Up Devin's Role, & Reveals East Coast Tour [INTERVIEW]

Christian rock band Emery just released their first album in nearly five years, You Were Never Alone, and lead singer Toby Morrell chatted with BREATHEcast about the early success of the record, the return of Devin Shelton, and their crazy music videos.

Blanca's 'Who I Am' Best Exemplifies Singer's Mission Statement; Says She Wants to Leave an 'Impact on People's Lives' [INTERVIEW PART 2]

Blanca, a powerful Christian singer who just released her new album, knows the power music has its listeners and makes sure to focus on her own message in her songs. Yesterday, BREATHEcast introduced the singer and her album, and in part we discuss her heart and passion. (Read part one here).

Audio Adrenaline's Adam Agee Says He Doesn't Think About a 'Jesus Quota' When Writing; Reveals Initial 'Pressure' of Role [INTERVIEW]

Christian rock mainstays Audio Adrenaline are back for the third installment of the band, and after releasing new record Sound of the Saints, it looks like they are here to stay awhile. BREATHEcast had the opportunity to chat with new lead singer Adam Agee about his new role, the Hands & Feet Project, and his favorite classic Audio A songs.



Hollywood Actress Shunned & Embraced By Amish Community? ’Love Finds You In Charm’ Star Learns First Hand Her Character's Struggles [INTERVIEW]

Hollywood actress Danielle Chuchran takes us on an insightful journey of her experience in the Amish culture while filming the UP's new movie 'Love Finds You In Charm.' She shared what learned about the secluded community, the contrast from Hollywood, and how she was both shunned and embraced.


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