God's Not Dead Movie Cast Interview: Former 'Hercules' Actor Kevin Sorbo Says, Atheists 'Believe in Something' Why Else Would They Get so Angry Over Believers?

Jeannie LawMar 18, 2014 02:42 PM EDT

Actor Kevin Sorbo, best known for his role as Hercules, spoke with BreatheCast about his upcoming film "God's Not Dead," in which he plays a character that is in direct contrast to his actual Christian beliefs. Sorbo opened up about atheism, society and how his new film can create a dialogue for unbelievers.

The movie "God's Not Dead" is about a freshman college student named Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper), who enrolled in a philosophy class taught by a notorious and domineering professor. Prof. Radisson (Sorbo) demands all of his students sign a declaration that "God is dead" in order to get a passing grade in his class. Wheaton refused and defended his belief in God.

When questioned whether or not he knew of anyone who experienced a professor that tried to sway their students from believing in God; Sorbo said the topic hit close to home. The notorious University of Colorado professor, Ward Churchill, who is known for losing his job because he pushed anti-American teachings on his classroom, led Sorbo's very own nephew astray.

His niece and his nephew both attended the university and encountered Churchill but Sorbo said, "Unfortunately one of them fell into that world." His brother's son began to idolize this professor and his teachings, and even grew out his hair to look like him. "He became a disciple of this guy, and hasn't talked to his father in years," the actor shared.

"He's become anti-American," Sorbo stated. "I got a hold of him through email about four years ago and I received such a strange email back from him, to which he responded, with "You know what, I'm going to pray for you. I feel sad for you that you have no love in your life and so much anger and hate," he emotionally said.

He went on to compare that hatred to some of what he faces from his peers in Hollywood. "It's like so many people you see in the entertainment industry and you can just tell that they are so angry," he said.

He offered advice to those that may come across this type of coercive persuasion. As believers, "you got to go straight to the school, go straight to the newspapers you have to expose these people," he instructed. "I'm not paying you money to attack God, you're supposed to teach my kid about whatever that class is, it's not about proving the existence of God" he illustrated, adding, "I think these people need to be exposed and lose there jobs."

Sorbo said Christians in American need to speak up. "I Think there so many people in this country. Christians that say lets live and let live but I think we've got to stop doing that, we've got to fight back and say you know what, get over it!"

He believes now is the time and many are making a stand. "People are just getting fed up and saying enough is enough," he exclaimed. So often atheism and secularism are propagated to the masses and Sorbo believes when you hear these things happening you "have to jump on it."

In his role in the anticipated film, Sorbo played an atheist who is angry with God because of the loss of his mother. When questioned on his thoughts about atheism as a whole he said, "They have to believe in something, or why get so angry about other people believing?" He pointed out, "I don't see Christians getting angry about atheist."

What the actor does not understand is why unbeliever's fight so hard to take away Christian imagery from society because they claim it is offensive. "So they're offended, what about the 90% of people that are now offended" because of the removal of the imagery that was included in the foundation of America, he proclaimed. "The country is founded on Christianity, get over it!"

"I tell my atheists friends 'have you ever had a gut feeling? And a voice inside your head that said I'm not going to walk down that alley, you think that was you or do you think that was God telling you not to walk down that alley tonight? You can call it a gut feeling but something stopped you" he described when reenacting one of the many discussions he has with some of his non-believing friends.

He added, "We all know what's right, we all know what's wrong, we know the difference between good and evil."

In the film, Harper's character tells a classmate Jesus is his friend. When questioned on what the phrase meant to the Hercules star, he said, "Someone you can talk to, a true friend, someone who doesn't have judgment back towards you, and lets you have the ability to speak your mind out of kindness or anger whatever it may be."

"Jesus being your friend is just somebody that helps keep you on a better road in your life," he noted.

Sorbo said all people should go out and see the film because it targets both the believing and non-believing audience. "It's going to create a conversation, it's going to make people think twice on things, on all sides," he said. "Hopefully it will get agnostics and atheist to go see it."

When asked what he thought about Christians attacking Christians and using Bible scripture out of context, he went into detail on the matter.

"You have extremes on both sides," he said. "Whack jobs on all sides, if you are truly a Christian in my mind you don't condemn people who say they're Christian, you shouldn't condemn anybody anyway. The whole idea is to love your neighbor as you love yourself, but the problem is a lot of people don't love themselves."

Sorbo said we have so many things attacking, everything that leads to a simple life. "We are in Sodom and Gomorrah we've gone way down the path," he remarked. He stated that promoting "everything is ok" when "not everything is ok! That's why you have higher abortion rates, higher divorce rates, more anger and hatred and wars because we are letting God go," he explained.

The actor is a father of three and has reverted to showing his children shows from the 70s because of the lack of nourishing TV there is now. "For my kids I've gone back to my childhood and I'm reliving my childhood. They are loving these shows because there's a wholesomeness to them and still funny."

Sorbo ended his interview with one final statement. "The world's changing and people can't be silent anymore, we've got to speak up," he counseled.

"God's Not Dead" was directed by Harold Cronk, and stars Sorbo, Harper, David A.R. White, and Dean Cain. It will be released in over 700 theaters throughout the United States, hitting the big screen Friday March 21 by Pure Flix Entertainment.

Sorbo speaks on the new film ‘God’s Not Dead’ on Fox & Friends. View that clip here.

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