Zion's Joy! Says Facebook Apologizes, Unblocks 'What Would Heaven Look Like' Music Video

Marcus Lundin Jul 12, 2018 01:08 AM EDT
ZION'S JOY!/HABAKKUK MUSICCover for Zion's Joy!'s 2018 single "What Would Heaven Look Like"

In an eyebrow-raising mistake by Facebook last week, the company suddenly and without warning took down the music video for gospel group Zion's Joy!'s latest single, "What Would Heaven Look Like." The surprise removal garnered extensive media coverage, including a story in the New York Times and a prime-time interview on Fox News and, after realizing its error, the social media giant restored the video and apologized to the group.

In a statement, Facebook said, "We made an error by deleting the original post. As soon as we identified what happened, we restored the post since it does not violate our community standards and have apologized to Zion's Joy."

"What Would Heaven Look Like" was released on April 20 this year and is the title track from Zion's Joy!'s upcoming album. The song's uplifting music video was released only last month on June 1.

With a note saying simply that the company had flagged the video as "political content," Facebook earlier this month blocked the Zion's Joy! video from the social media platform. The removal came the same week that the company removed an excerpt of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, deeming parts of it hate speech

"This song is about love and it's about unity and it's about hope," group member Kay Insley told Dana Perino on Fox News Channel. "So we were incredibly shocked when Facebook came and took this song, this message that so needs to be heard right now down. We just couldn't believe it."

"We invite people to come be a part of what we are doing," said Insley on Fox News Channel. "And the positivity that we are spreading not only locally, but really trying to pursue around the world. We are actually really thankful for this opportunity. Something that was negative has been turned into a positive and now we are having the ability to get our message out even more now." 

In the decade since Zion's Joy!'s founding by Robert W. Stevenson in 2008, the group has performed across the U.S., using their powerful voices and tight, rich harmonies to deliver a unique blend of new and old school gospel and contemporary Christian music. The group is comprised of Insley, Camille McKnight, Lia Matthews, Karen Hall, Shekinah Caldron, Lunesha Sweeney, Patrick Taylor, Jeffery Porter, and Ramone Griffith.

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"What Would Heaven Look Like" is available for streaming and download everywhere now.

Click below to watch the music video for "What Would Heaven Look Like," which was blocked by Facebook, or click here to watch it on YouTube:

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