Xbox Play Anywhere Release Date News: ‘ReCore’ Spearheads Program Launch; Titles List To Grow Quickly?

Jon MendozaSep 21, 2016 10:02 AM EDT

Xbox Play Anywhere has finally launched, allowing cross-platform gaming and achievements, and in line with it, Microsoft has released its new title "ReCore."

"ReCore" is the first game in Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere program. According to Game Spot, it binds console and PC, as it allows players buy a game digitally via Xbox One and get the Windows 10 PC version without any charge. Conversely, players will be able to purchase the Windows 10 PC version and get the Xbox One for free.

Xbox Play Anywhere benefits gamers, as it allows shared game progress and achievements across platforms. Thus, players can start a game on one unit and then continue playing the saved game to the other. This way, players will be able to save time as they do not have to restart the game over on another system.

In his interview with Dual Shockers in August, Xbox head Aaron Greenberg said that their Xbox Play Anywhere program was a "tremendous value." He said that to be able to do that and to say, players would be able to play both versions on both platforms without having to play twice.

"I think it's a tremendous value," he said.

Published by Microsoft Studios, "ReCore" is an action-adventure video game and its frame rate is solid, according to PC World. The website writes that the game also showcases all the graphics options players would expect from a modern PC game. However, the PC version is seen as the "definitive version," as it has better loading times than the Xbox One version, which sometimes has a two-minute load time.

Along with "ReCore," other games that are going to be available via Xbox Play Anywhere include "Forza Horizon 3" and "Gears of War 4," which have received a release date on Sept. 27 and Oct. 11, respectively.

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