Xbox Games With Gold Free Games For December 2016: ‘Outland’ And ‘Sleeping Dogs’ Titles Available Next Month

Joe BacaronNov 27, 2016 11:13 AM EST
Xbox/ Games with Gold

Four titles will be available in Free Xbox Games With Gold For December 2016. Two will be for Xbox One and the other two for Xbox 360.

According to Major Nelson, the four titles are "Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition," "Outlast," "Outland," and "Burnout Paradise."

"Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition" is quite a complex story with the setting set in Hong Kong. You play Wei Shen, an undercover cop, who was thrown into jail following a busted drug deal. He meets Jack Ma, his childhood friend, who invites him to join the gang. You have to prove yourself to the gang members and all the while try to bust the underworld.

"Outlast" is a first-person horror game where you find yourself in a the middle of a hospital with crazy killers. Think "Blair Witch Project."

"Outland" is an action 2D game where you use energies (blue and red) that you can use to enter barriers and kill monsters from the opposite light spectrum.

"Burnout Paradise," meanwhile, is the fifth installment in the "Burnout" series. There are several racing modes that you can compete. There's also the theme "Cops and Robbers" and the "Big Surf Island."

According to the report, the "Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition" will be available for Free Xbox Games With Gold For December 2016 while you can download "Outlast" starting on Dec. 15 until Jan. 15. "Outland" will be available until Dec. 15 while "Burnout Paradise" will be available starting Dec. 15 until Dec. 31.

Watch out for more Free Xbox Games With Gold For December 2016, which will be published here when they come along.

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