Review of Weston and Christy Hinsons’ “Let's Have Some Church” Album

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Lets have some church
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Proverbs 13:22 speaks of a good man leaving a legacy for his children's children, we don't have to wait till the third generation when it comes to Weston and Christy Hinsons. Though Let's Have Some Church is this duo's debut record, they are far from being rookies on the block. Both Weston and his wife are second generations of families steeped in the rich legacies of Southern Gospel music. Weston is the son of the late Kenny Hinson of the Original Hinsons, later known as the New Hinsons. Amidst their numerous albums and countless awards, the Original Hinsons were known for classics such as "Mercy Built a Bridge," "Shinin',""Joy Comes in the Morning," "Speak the Word, Lord," and "God's Gonna Do the Same for You and Me." But towering above all of these gems is their signature tune "The Lighthouse."  An award winning song, "The Lighthouse" is an often covered song in Southern Gospel inviting even a rendition from the late Elvis Presley. Less obvious is that Christy Hinson also came from a rich musical heritage. Like her husband, Christy's mom was part of "The Harvest's Masters." And as a teenager she had already been singing with her mother as the soprano for the group. With such opulent pedigrees, expectations are high when it comes to the couple's "Let's Have Some Church." Safe to say, the Hinsons assay with excellence as this record is truly a stellar effort with three covers and nine original songs, seven of them coming from the pen of Christy Hinson.

Let's start by placing the Christy Hinson originals under our microscope. Easily the best song on the entire disc has to be the last track, "He Fixed It for Me."  Though reminisce lyrically of Karen Peck's "Fix Me Jesus," melodically and tempo-wise both songs are heaven and earth apart. A slow affecting ballad about Jesus being the only one who can transform our lives, "He Fixed It for Me" finds Christy parlaying her smooth vocals gorgeously. Burnished by the searing sounds of the fiddle and some heart warming piano riffs, Weston and Christy join their potent vocals on the faith-building ballad "I Hold On." Christy has the microphone all to herself with the album's rousing barn burner "That's What My Shout's About" laced with plenty of partying fiddles. With a rock n' roll vibe and some sizzling harmonica punctuations, the title cut "Let's Have Some Church" is a rousing Holy Spirit shout-out.

As for the songs not written by Christy Hinson, we have the Adam Kohout and Terry Wilkins-penned lead single "Let Me Tell You Again." Here we get to step into the sandals of Moses, Martha and Mary and learn how God led each of them through their insurmountable trials. Pay attention-- the long note holding ending of the song by both Weston and Christy is just spine-thrilling. Though Weston's voice does not have deep searching nuances of country singer Josh Turner, it is refreshing to hear Turner's "The Answer" revived here. Also, another cover is the aforementioned Original Hinsons' most celebrated tune "The Lighthouse."  In keeping with the song's lyrics that without Jesus, the Divine Lighthouse, we would have crashed and drowned. The sounds of crashing waves and Weston's heartfelt plea for us to turn to Jesus give glowing animations to this beautifully crafted hit.

Hymn lovers get their treat with the Hinsons' lots-of-note-holding reading of "I'd Rather Have Jesus." Again their rendition is right on the spot with Weston and Christy coming together with great intuitional cohesion. The only cover that does not quite have the shine is "God Walks the Dark Hills." Maybe because the song has been done over and over by many Southern Gospel acts, even Christy's engaging vocals could not create any renewed excitement. Other than that, "Let's Have Some Church" is beautiful at every turn-from gorgeous vocals to well crafted tunes and (mostly) wisely chosen covers. With an album this good, Weston and Christy Hinson, like their parents, are also leaving a Godly legacy.             



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