"The Voice" NBC: Watch Kris Thomas vs. C. Perkins Singing "It Will Rain" in Battle Round (VIDEO)

Matt LloydApr 23, 2013 12:27 AM EDT

"The Voice" continued tonight on NBC with night 3 of the "battle rounds". 

Team Shakira had a great battle tonight with Kris Thomas vs. C. Perkins.  They sang "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars.  

Thomas has the clean pop voice and also the experience of having a record deal in the past, so he definitely was the favorite going in.  Perkins was more shy in the rehearsals and seemed intimidated early in the week.  However, he came ready for the performance and sang note for note with Thomas.  Perkins actually has a more unique tone in his voice in my opinion.  

After deliberation and hearing from the other judges, Shakira ended up picking Kris Thomas.  

Next came the highlight of the night.  With C. Perkins losing his battle to Kris Thomas, he went to shake Usher's hand while walking off stage and Usher hit the steal button right when Perkins was in front of him.  Perkins was shocked, and it was just a very heart warming moment. 

So we will be seeing Perkins on Team Usher and Thomas on Team Shakira for the next round of the show which is called the "Knockout Rounds".   

Each judge has 2 "steals" that they can use in the "battle round" phase to put a player onto their team that was voted off by another judge. 

Tune in tomorrow on NBC to watch the last exciting night of the "Battle Rounds".   

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