'Vikings' TV Show on History Channel: Episode 6, "Burial of the Dead" Summary

Gil ShalowitzApr 08, 2013 12:57 PM EDT

Vikings Episode 6, "Burial of the Dead" packed some epic moments in the hour long TV show on History Channel. After having his house and farm burned down, and family threatened in episode 5, "Raid," Ragnar seeks revenge on Earl Haraldson. Ragnar sends his friend and talented shipbuilder Floki to issue his challenge of single combat to the local chieftain.

After first dismissing the challenge, Haraldson remembers the seer's vision from the previous episode and accepts the duel. Though Ragnar was injured severely in the last episode, he wins the challenge and kills Haraldson. Ragnar's brother Rollo then slays Earl Haraldson's henchmen Svein and Earl Borg.

Ragnar, now in control of the Viking community, announces his plans to build more ships and sail West towards England once the weather is safer and the ocean calmer.

Always clashing with the Vikings' pagan culture, Athelstan, [Ragnar's Christian monk slave] witnesses a slave to Earl Haraldson willingly die in order to join his master in Viking afterworld, Valhalla. Only understanding one true God, Athelstan thinks the sense of sacrifice is ridiculous.

Later in the episode Ragnar sails to England and invades the new country via the Thames River. King Aelle of Northumbria hears of the Vikings landing in his territory and prepares his forces to combat the Viking raiders.

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