Vanilla Ice New Tv series " Vanilla Ice Goes Amish". LIVE VIDEO of 'Good Morning America' speaking with Vanilla Ice.

Brianna BromleyOct 19, 2013 01:48 PM EDT

The 90's rap star, Vanilla Ice, that is most popular for his hit songs "Ice, Ice Baby" , and "Play That Funky Music" is headed to Amish country to gain a new perspective. Vanilla Ice has aired his new Tv show on the DIY Network, "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" where the Amish men try and teach the rap star how to make a modern kitchen without electricity. The show that features the Amish country living in its society completely different than the modern world, gives Vanilla Ice a whole new outlook on life. The mesh of culture is so surreal that the show is incredibly interesting as you see how the Amish community lives, and survives off basic supplies. A new found respect is earned while watching this show as Vanilla, and fans can see how much time and effort the Amish community put into their livelihood. The making of buggies, modern kitchens, and building a barn are all included in this DIY Network television series. 

Vanilla Ice talks to "Good Morning America" about his expierence in the community and how he had to completely get out there in order to really gain the Amish respect. "They pride themselves on being craftsmen so I went out there to basically intern on their building ways. It was very hard to get out there. We had to get approval from the Bishop and the community" . On "Good Morning America", Vanilla Ice goes into depth speaking on how he did a transformation into really trying not to use cellphones, mirrors, and even going as far as wearing their clothes. "They're like minimalists. They have no electricity, no cell phones, no TV and no mirrors. I cut myself shaving quite a few times. It was an amazing adventure. To earn their respect I had to really get out there and help them with the chores.The way they build things is it's going to be stronger, last longer. They use better materials, instead of using melamine wood which falls apart. They build things to last. That's their tradition. They really pride themselves on that. That's their main hobby, to build things for fun. We had a barn raising. We built a complete barn in two days."

Vanilla Ice's Tv show "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" aires on Saturdays at 10 p.m. The full interview with "Good Morning America" speaking about the "Vanilla Ice goes Amish" reality Tv series is below. 



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