Update on Tracy Stuffle with The Perrys

Leah Vanden BoschMar 19, 2013 12:18 PM EDT

Based out of Gallatin, Tennessee, The Perrys are a professional Southern gospel quartet now in need of their Christian faith more than ever. On January 21st, bass singer Tracy Stuffle suffered a massive stroke caused by bleeding of the brain, leaving him unconscious with high fevers and blood pressure, along with continued internal bleeding. With his faithful wife Libbi by his side, constant updates on his condition have been given, keeping Tracy's fans and loved ones informed. After almost 10 days, the bleeding ceased and signs of the brain's healing were beginning to show, providing hope in what was seeming to be a hopeless situation. The doctors began to decrease Tracy's sedatives once he continued to show signs of improvement, keeping a close eye on the stability of his blood pressure and vitals. On February 7th, extensive improvement was shown when Tracy was finally able to wake up, squeezing his wife's hand and showing signs of movement in his left leg and foot. The progress was slow, but it continued on from there, with Tracy able to smile, nod in response, and stay awake for longer periods of time. Rough days and a step back in progress was inevitable, but Tracy's condition continued to steadily improve over time, with doctors gradually introducing medical procedures in hopes of assisting his recovery.

A major step forward was taken when Tracy underwent a procedure replacing the drainage cath in his brain, resulting in him being more alert and responsive than ever, even able to sit up for the first time in 32 days. Frustration was felt when improvements abruptly stopped, with the new drainage cath beginning to fail, and bleeding beginning once again. After multiple replacement attempts, the fifth new drainage cath was effective immediately, once again providing necessary hope in an increasingly discouraging situation. Libbi continued to provide daily updates on Tracy's condition, accounting for the small struggles and setbacks in what continued to be consistent improvement. On March 12
th, Libbi announced he was able to open his eyes on his own for the first time, writing her praises to God concerning the incredible sign of healing. The latest updates on Tracy only provide encouragement, with accounts of him staying awake for long periods of time, able to look around and increasingly respond to visitors, and endure the stretching exercises performed on him. 
Through all of the updates given, the strength and passion of Libbi's faith in God is continuously threaded through her writing, with praises of adoration and prayers for healing consistent in each post. It is not always easy to understand God's plan through times of trial and despair, yet the comfort found in turning to Him through it all is irreplaceable. Libbi's unwavering faith is a true testament to others, revealing that through the darkest of times, a light of hope and healing can be found in turning to God, providing the strength and assurance necessary in such a time of tribulation. 



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