UPDATE: Tracy Stuffle Health Updates

James Eliazer Apr 16, 2013 09:05 PM EDT

The Perrys in Southern Gospel group is going through a tough time with bass singer Tracy Stuffle in the hospital after suffering a stroke.

His wife, Libbi, updates the bands Facebook page with real-time updates as his condition changes hoping to gain some support for "Sweet" Tracy.

Today 4-16-2013,

Tracy, Updated in Facebook about better improvement of his Health.

Tracy has had a good couple of days of resting. I think his body just needed to try to catch up. He's still on the trach collar and has been since Saturday morning. They actually removed the ventilator out of his room this morning!! That is a step forward on progress!! Mike Bowling (who is a respiratory therapist) was in the room when they came in and we had just been talking about, wondered when they would take it out? Can't wait for the day that he is totally off trach collar and able to talk!!!

Tracy no longer is a one sided Bozo the clown hair head! :) His nurse today shaved the other side of his head while I was gone to cafeteria for lunch. I came back into his room and he looked like a biker! Hehehehe! At least now it will all be the same length when it grows out!

Praying for God's will on a rehab facility. One that will give him intense therapy. As we learned with my mom when she had her massive stroke in 2000, it's important for them to have intense therapy!!! Please help us pray that God will work out every detail where He wants him to be, as it is getting close for him to be moved.

Thanks to our friends: Mark Trammell, Mark Campbell, the Sneed Family, Eddie and Loretta Debord for stopping by to visit. We appreciate the love, prayers and support.

Our prayers are with the victims and their families of the Boston bombing!!!! Such a sad tragedy!!! Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!





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