Unspoken’s “The World is Waking” EP Review

Timothy YapJun 22, 2013 09:28 AM EDT
(Photo :Unspoken)

God has been known to outlive his pallbearers.  In the name of xenophobia, (in)tolerance, communism and religion, many have tried to get rid of God.  Various funeral services have had been staged over the course of history when people like the Jews in Jesus time, Lenin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot have tried to rid of the name of Jesus Christ.  Truth is all of these tyrants are already rotten in their graves, but Jesus Christ is still worshipped on his throne.  The perpetrators of the Gospel may bury God's servants but God's work will always tarry.  This is what Unspoken's "Bury the Workman" is about.  "Bury the Workman" is the most piercing song on the Unspoken's latest EP "The World is Waking."  Frankly, this is a quintessential track as far as the sovereignty of God is concerned; it's just a must have song.  Fashioned like an old African-American spiritual quipped with wailing harmonica and hand claps, "Bury the Workman" has that desperate longing for God to come back to manumit his workmen who are being buried by evil perpetuators of the Gospel.  

Christian pop-rock quartet Unspoken is made up of Chad Mattson on vocals, Mike Gomez on guitars, Jon Lowry on guitars, keys, bass guitar, and vocals and Ariel Munox-Drums on drums.  Together "Unspoken" is committed to become living "unspoken" testimonies to God's love and power.  "The World is Waking" is their third EP released under Centricity Records following on the heels of their hugely successful single "Who You Are" (Top 10 NCA and AC Charts). Poised to tread on the same path to hitsville and a worship favorite across churches is opener "Lift My Life Up."  Co-written with producer Seth Mosley and Jason Ingram, Chad Mattson has never sounded more passionate than on this explosive worship burner.  With hymns gaining more and more popularity these days, listen to how "Take My Life and Let It Be" and "It Is Well with My Soul" are creatively interwoven into the fabric of this song. 

Unspoken knows that the tallest man in God's eyes is the one on his knees. This is the theme of the beautiful ballad "In Your Hands" where Mattson croons with a Godly abandon:  "The world is waking and I am here to meet you on my knees / When I'm with you my soul finds rest / Cause I can leave it in your hands."  Creativity takes a front seat with "Walking Away."  This sounds like a 21st Century version of the Book of Ecclesiastes where Unspoken pinpoints the futility of a life without God.  In short, "The World Waking Up" is an important record.  By the power of the Spirit, these songs function as a wakeup call for us living in a spiritual stupor thinking that we can live a life outside of Jesus' Lordship.   And with tracks as heart rendering as "Bury the Workmen" and "In Your Hands," they help us to worship Jesus with fiercer and bolder articulations.  



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