UK-Based New Wine Worship Release New Live Worship Album 'You Restore My Soul'

Marcus Lundin Jul 31, 2018 04:46 PM EDT
NEW WINE WORSHIP/INTEGRITY MUSICCover for New Wine Worship's 2018 live worship album You Restore My Soul

Worship music band New Wine Worship on Friday released their new live worship album, You Restore My Soul, on Integrity Music. Born out of the New Wine church network in the United Kingdom, the new eleven-track album is meant not only as a resource within their own network but ideally also for the church at large.

The album was recorded at four locations across the U.K., with the aim of releasing the tracks in time for the ongoing United 18 conference. In an interview published on the group's YouTube channel, New Wine National Leader Paul Harcourt shares his heart for worship and explains the impact the music has already had within the church network. 

"The first time I experienced worship at a New Wine summer gathering was probably back in about 1995," he says. "Being with thousands of others, I was just overwhelmed. I was choked up; I didn't know quite how to respond. It wasn't just that I was with thousands of others, it was the presence of God that was so tangible."

"As a leader with New Wine it is really important to me that we're singing the songs that the Spirit is inspiring in the Church," Harcourt explains. "I think New Wine is just an amazing family where we can take what the Spirit is inspiring in one place and we can share it across the network. That means that we're authentically seeing the song that the Spirit is inspiring."

Recalling the first time he heard the album's title track, he says, "The first time I head 'You Restore My Soul' was at a national leadership conference in Harrogate [in the UK] earlier this year, and it was a song that immediately captured a sense of what God was saying that we get our eyes off everything else and get our eyes back on Him, that nothing else satisfies."

He adds, "We had so much response after that conference, people emailing in asking, 'Was the song released?' 'Could we get hold of the lyrics sheets and chord charts?'"

"My hopes for 'You Restore My Soul' would be that we get our eyes off everything else and get them back on Jesus," Harcourt concludes. "It's a song really that says that He's the answer, and in a world of all sorts of options, He's the only one who can satisfy, He's the only one who can set us free and make us new."

You Restore My Soul can be downloaded and streamed everywhere now, with links to the most popular digital music platforms available here, and physical copies available here.

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Click below to watch the official live music video for the album's title track, "You Restore My Soul (feat. Lauren Harris)," or click here to watch it on YouTube:

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