UK-Based KXC Worship Releases Two New Singles, "All Things New" & "Be Lifted Up," From Upcoming July 12 Album Release

Marcus Lundin Jun 25, 2018 04:03 PM EDT
KXC WORSHIPCover for KXC Worship's 2018 album All Things New.

U.K.-based worship group KXC has announced the release of their new album, All Things New, releasing on July 12. The album was recorded live at Scala, Kings Cross, in London in March, and last week the band released the first two singles off the new record, the title track "All Things New," and "Be Lifted Up."

The title track on All Things New was originally written and recorded in 2016 by husband-wife duo Rich & Lydia Dicas and included on their 2017 Kickstarter-funded album, Make Us One

The couple explains how the song came about, "The chorus came from a spontaneous moment of worship whilst we were living in Kenya in 2014 - we would gather in a little office surrounded by brothels, strip clubs, and sleazy bars and sing hope over the town of Mtwapa..."

"You'd look down from the balcony and see old European men wandering the streets looking for... desperate young mothers doing anything to put food on the table," they recall. "It was in that place that we began to sing out at the top of our lungs - 'In the middle of the darkness the light of the world has come and you will make all things new. You will finish what you've started by the power of your mighty love, you will make all things new...' We believe that nothing can stand in the way of God's Kingdom breaking out on the Earth"

The album's second single, "Be Lifted Up," was written by Tom and Sarah Eccleshall, and KXC Worship writes about the song, "We all worship something or someone - just look at the trail of our time, affections, money, loyalty... But only Jesus can bring true life and freedom."

"'Be Lifted Up' is a song of declaration that we want to enthrone Jesus in our lives. When we give our worship to anything else, these things will ultimately enslave us. Only worshiping Jesus brings us freedom."

All Things New can be pre-ordered here, and will be available everywhere on July 12.

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Click below to watch the official live music video for "All Things New," or click here to watch it on YouTube:

All Things New tracklist:

1 Spontaneous 1 (Revelation 21)

2 All Things New

3 Perfection

4 Be Lifted Up

5 Spontaneous 2 (Be Lifted Up)

6 Kingdom Come

7 Spontaneous 3 (Kingdom Come)

8 Holy

9 Sing It Out

10 You Hold Me

11 Singing Over Us

12 Love Song

13 Forgiveness Rushes In

14 With Me (David's Song)

15 Spontaneous 4 (With Me & I Breathe You In, God)

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