'True Detective' Season 3 Air Date News & Update: New Season Takes The Back Seat As HBO Prioritizes 'Westworld'

Vianne BurogDec 01, 2016 11:11 AM EST
HBO/ True Detective Season 3

Following its indefinite hiatus, "True Detective" has been plagued with cancellation rumors. Fans of the HBO series are now worried that the network's silence on the issue might mean that "True Detective" might be taking the back seat as HBO prioritizes its new series, "Westworld."

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, HBO programming executive Casey Bloys revealed that the third season of "True Detective" is currently on hold. On the other hand, "Westworld" has already been renewed.

The HBO executive also revealed that "True Detective" season 3 does not even have a script yet, as writers have not been given the green light yet to create a story for the upcoming season. Despite that, Bloys said his hopes are high that the series will return sometime next year for its third season.

He said that since the script for the new season has not been written yet, it would be safe to say that season 3 is currently in its conceptualization stage.

"I don't have anything to report on either of them other than they're thinking about what the best next version is," he said.

Previous reports about the series also revealed that its original director will no longer return to helm season 3, since executive producer and director Nic Pizzolatto is now prioritizing a project with Marvel. Shortly after he had left the director's chair remains empty, HBO tapped Cary Fukunaga to take the place of Pizzolatto and direct the upcoming season. For some, that was already an indication that season 3 is indeed happening.

Since "True Detective" season 3 production has not started yet, the series might premiere in 2018 instead of 2017.

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