True Detective Season 2 Release Date, Cast Rumors: Brad Pitt to join? January 2015 Premiere

Rubi ValdezMay 12, 2014 10:27 PM EDT

True Detective Season 1 was a massive success in viewership with a highest rating of 9.4 on IMDb.

This prompted HBO to approve the next season immediately, which is going to be a star studded show if recent rumors about the cast are confirmed.

Matthew McConaughey and Woodey Harrelson's roles will not be reprised in the next season, but rumor has it that Brad Pitt could be coming in to play one of the lead roles.

Rumors surrounding the other half of the male lead cast include Nicolas Cage, Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, and Anthony Hopkins.

On the other hand, the show is considering Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Sandra Bullock, and Selma Hayek to portray the female lead role.

Emma Stone, who is also being considered to play the female counterpart of Rust Cohle, has reportedly said that she is interested to work on True Detective if given the chance.

"That would be amazing. I would do True Detective with Kristen Wiig in a heartbeat," she told Vogue.

Nic Pizzalotto, who wrote the screenplay for first season, revealed that Season 2 is not about solving a murder mystery but a story of a detective chasing after an elusive criminal.

"All kinds of conspiracies suggest themselves. Especially if, like me, you've been reading about the last 40 years of Southern California government," said Pizzalotto in a BuzzFeed interview in March.

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