Triumfant Muzik reveals album artwork and release date

Triumfant Muzik PRNov 09, 2012 12:08 PM EST

What isPower? Some say it's political clout. Others say it'sthe ability to influence the behavior of others, andstill others more readily think of the energy used toturn on the lights at home. δύναμις (doo'-nam-is)is the Greek word in the Bible that istranslated as "Power". It's what's needed forone to break the chains of sin's slavery, walkupright, and persevere to the end. The gospelis the δύναμις (power) of God unto salvationand Christ alone is the source.

With the release of "The Power Project",Aero, Fee-Lo, Konviction, Larry BirthRight, and Lu-I come together to encourage everyone toplug in to God's power with the most riveting and robust collection of songs to come fromTriumfant Muzik to date. This effort is chalked full of stylistic innovations with tracks like"Devil Knocking" from Aero, "Soul Sing" from Lu-I, and "Sun Comes Up" from the newestaddition to the roster Fee-Lo. You can also expect to be energized by out-of-the-box tracks like"It's Me" from Larry BirthRight and "Salvation" from Konviction. Our prayer is that thisrelease will magnify the Gospel in such a way that all who hear it will be inspired to connect toGod's power in a new way and be filled with the hope that is found only in Christ Jesus. Don'thesitate. Get plugged-in to the "Power" dropping December 4th 2012!! "The Power Project"will be available for free download on, Holy Culture, DaSouth,and other media outlets. 


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