TRACY STUFFLE [UPDATE]: Sedatives Slowly Being Reduced, the Road to RECOVERY [GOOD NEWS]

Missy SwindleberryFeb 05, 2013 07:29 PM EST

The Perrys are back on tour, but Tracy Stuffle, bass singer for the Souther Gospel group is still in the hospital after suffering a stroke weeks ago. Libbi his faithful wife, and servant of God has been by his side updating the band's Facebook, keeping friends and family in the loop as he recovers.

A CT scan last week showed signs of healing and no new bleeding. Then Friday Libbi found out Tracy needed a new drainage catheter, because the old one was clogged up and wasn't draining properly. Libbi signed off on the Neuro Surgeon, Dr. Arthur Ulm, a Christian, installing a new one, risking new bleeding and infection. The surgery was a success!

Libbi updated the The Perrys Facebook page earlier this morning with some very encouraging news!

"Update on Tracy Stuffle as of 2/5/13 @ 10:37am:

The Neuro team gave a thumbs up for the sedation to be decreased gradually. As of an hour ago the first turn back began! They will watch all his vitals and cranial pressure to make for sure nothing gets out of whack.

Will update again tonight.


Libbi, The Perrys and most importantly, "Sweet Tracy" needs all the love and support you can send him. Keep them all in your prayers and well-wishes as they experience this trying time.

For those wanting to send cards to Tracy, please send to:

Tracy Stuffle / 1774 Shagbark Way / Gallatin, TN / 37066

To follow Tracy Stuffle's return to 100 % and to read Libbi's updates go to the bands official Facebook page:

Eternally grateful for any and all support, during such a trying time you  can check out The Perry's new official website




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