Tracy Stuffle of The Perry's Latest Update on Slow Recovery

Matt LloydApr 03, 2013 04:20 PM EDT

For anyone who has not heard the news, Tracy Stuffle, of The Perrys, suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday,January 21, 2013. He is currently hospitalized in Nashville,Tn in and has now been taken out of a medical coma after nearly 2 months.

He is making daily improvements and his wife Libbi, who also sings in The Perrys, is very consistent with her posts on the groupsFacebook page to keeps friends and fans up to date with the latest on Tracy's condition.  

Here is what Libbi Stuffle wrote today: 

"Tracy Update as of 4/3/13 @ 11:30am: Tracy's infectious disease Dr came and said he does not have Staph RS, but what he had the last time, gram negative cocci. He said it could take from a week up to 3 weeks to get totally rid of the infection. So, Dr. Ulm will proceed with replacing the EVD drain this afternoon. The shunt will be done when ALL the infection is gone, however long that takes. So, we could be looking at anywhere from a week to 3 weeks. 

Praise The Lord it's not Staph!!!!! 

I will update again when they start to do the EVD replacement surgery this afternoon."  

Even though Tracy's recovery will be a long one, being out of the coma he can squeeze peoples hands and make expressions on his face even if he can't speak.  So any sign from Tracy to his family is encouraging at this point.  We just all pray for his speedy recovery along with peace for Libbi and the rest of the family during this tough time.  

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