Tracy Stuffle Medical Update, Moving Into New Rehab Facility After Over 100 Days

Matt LloydMay 03, 2013 09:58 AM EDT

Tracy Stuffle, singer with the gospel group The Perrys, has had a long battle over the last 100+ days.  

Tracy suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday, January 21, 2013 and has been in the hospital in Nashville,Tn since.  He was in a medically included coma for close to two months and has very slowly made improvements.  

A huge update as of last night was posted that Tracy will be moving into a new rehab facility and out of the hospital after over 100 days.  

Tracy's faithful wife Libbi (and fellow singer in The Perrys) has been by his side the whole time and has kept everyone posted with the latest updates on the band's facebook page

Here was her most recent update as of last night. 

Tracy Stuffle Update: 5/2/13 at 11:30 pm:
"Wow, where do I start this update at? Today has been filled with so many emotions on so many different levels!!

First off: Tracy will be going to a rehab/hospital facility tomorrow (Friday)!!! Yeah, this came about today. It's a acute rehab/hospital facility, so he won't be having to go to a nursing home. It's actually the place where Mike Bowling works some days when at home doing respiratory therapy. It's called Kindred Hospital. The majority of their patients have trachs, so they work toward weaning the patient off the trachs, while at the same time getting PT, OT and speech therapy. This move is a little bit overwhelming for me. I guess cause we've been here at Baptist for 103 days and it's been like our home. I am sooo happy for the progress and the step forward and thank God for it. I don't know how to explain it........kinda like getting married and moving away from home I guess. I hope you understand what I'm saying! But, any ways it's a big step forward!!! Kind of strange too that my motel room was paid up through today! So, I went and cleared everything out tonight. Thanks to Krista Watson and Zach Kennedy for the help packing my little Sadie Bell (my car) full of stuff from 3 months! I will be able to stay with Tracy at this facility at night or I will be a little closer to home and can just go home if I need to. For the first week or so I will stay there with him and then maybe go home some at night. I just hate leaving him!!! But, we will see what happens. Y'all pray that this transition will go great and we can both adjust to this next big step! 

Tracy did GREAT in speech therapy today. He made the therapist cry!! She worked with him on word recognition to see if he was comprehending what we were saying. She wrote things on cards for him to do and held them up to him to read to see if he would do it. HE DID!!!!!!! Praise GOD!!!!! She put a straw in his hand and held up two pictures, one of a cup and the other a key. She ask him to point to the cup, HE DID!!!!! He answered every question right!!! The therapist started crying and said, he's in there!!! He's comprehending what we are saying. Just gonna take some time on the talking part. Gotta get all those muscles back to working. She also worked with him on swallowing again and he did good on that. He kept the speaking valve on for almost 45 minutes today. All the nurses came in the room and said, we heard he did great in speech today, that's all Joy (the therapist) was talking about!!! :0) AIN'T GOD SOOOOO GOOD?????? GOOOOOO GOD GOOOOO!!!!

The OT came in and worked with him on his arms and hands range of motion and we seen some movement on the right side again. Not, big movements but enough that we know it is there!! His OT is wanting to stay in touch because she wants to see his progress. She is the sweetest person ever!!!

We have sooooo much to be thankful for tonight!!!!!!! God has been answering prayers left and right!!!! Still got a long journey in front of us, but God is seeing us through it!!!! 

Dear God in heaven, I don't know where to start with saying thank You for all that has happen today!!!!! I admit, I am a bit overwhelmed with leaving our security bubble here, but I know You will go with us from here to there!!! Thank You Father for the progress Tracy is making!!! I am still expecting nothing less than an excellent miracle for Tracy's total healing of his whole entire body!!! I am expecting it because You said in Your Word that I could ask ANYTHING in Your name, in faith believing and YOU would do it!!!! You don't lie, so I am expecting a 100% total healing from the top of Tracy's head to the tips of his toes and all the places in between!!!! Waiting on Your timing!!! I love You Sweet Father for everything in my life!!!!!"

The Perrys are still doing tour dates currently, keep in touch with all Tracy Stuffle updates HERE.   

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