Tracy Stuffle Latest Medical Update, The Perry's Vocalist Progress in Rehab, Prayers Needed

Matt LloydAug 08, 2013 09:22 AM EDT


Tracy Stuffle Medical Update, The Perry's Vocalist Progress in Rehab, Prayers Needed


Tracy has been fighting for his life over the last several months now. He and has been becoming more mobile recently, able to feed himself and stand up a with help. His condition can better and worse depending on the day. 

There will also be a new Cd coming out at NQC 2013 in Louisville, KY honoring Tracy. Tracy himself picked out 12 previously recorded songs while in rehab this week to be on the Cd. It will be available starting at NQC 2013 along with The Perry's other new cd, The Best of The Perrys. Both releasing on Daywind Records. 

As always his wife Libbi is there to give us the latest details. She has been to faithful daily by Tracy's side and always giving updates to her friends, family and fans. Here is her most recent Facebook post on Tracy:

Quick update on Tracy Stuffle: 8/7/13:

"It's been a long day, so I am gonna hit the high spots tonight and will update more tomorrow.

I'm worn out and trying to stay awake to write this. 

Got to the hospital to have camera put in trach to see if it had a blockage. After reviewing Tracy's past history, they wanted to do procedure on OR, but it wasn't available til tomorrow (Thurs). I couldn't do tomorrow because JK is having 3 wisdom teeth extracted in the morning. (Please pray for him!!) So they moved it to Friday morning. While waiting on the infectious disease doctor to come in, the pulmonary dr came in and started looking at trach and discovered tissue growing through top of hole inside upper cannula. He had a different trach without the hole put in, so that meant no camera testing!! This made me happy!! We will start next week once again with capping the trach for a couple of days and then a home sleep study test. If all goes good, the trach can come out!!! Please pray with us on this!!!

Infectious disease dr finally came in and said, the three things MRSA, acinetobacter and pseudomonas was colonized only in trach area. Praise The Lord!!! They found a antibiotic that would work on the acinetobacter and he was already on antibiotics for the other two!! He will take these antibiotics for 10 days. Needless to say Tracy was worn slap out by the time we got back to the rehab! And so was I! 

We prayed for excellent report and got it!!! Goooo GOD Goooo!!! By the way, I wore my Go GOD Go shirt today!! 

I will have to tell you tomorrow about our adventure going to and from hospital. It was a hoot! 

Father in Heaven, thank You for another excellent report today!!! 

You are faithful to Your Word!!! You are sooo worthy of ALL of the praise!!! Words are inadequate when trying to say what our heart really feels!!! We praise Your Name!!! We magnify and worship You for who You are!!!! Our hands go up in praise to You for everything You have, You are and You're gonna do!!! I love You Precious Father!!!"

Tracy suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday, January 21, 2013 and has been in the hospital and rehab facilities in Nashville,Tn since.  He was in a medically included coma for close to two months and but is awake now and slowly showing more movements and improvements of motor skills. 

As always, lets keep Tracy and the Stuffle family in our prayers. For the latest news on The Perry's you can visit their official website HERE


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