Tracy Stuffle Back On Ventilator / Libbi Asking For No Visitors @ This Time

Gil ShalowitzFeb 26, 2013 12:13 PM EST

Tracy Stuffle, one of the founding members of acclaimed Southern Gospel vocal group, The Perrys, suffered a stroke early last month.

His wife Libbi has been updating the band's Facebook page with news on Tracy's recovery. The updates at times can feel like a step forward and two steps back. Finally the catheter is starting to drain fluid from his brain. She posted this updated at 9:35 a.m. today:

Tracy did well through the night. His vital signs held their own. After breathing on his on last week and the weekend after yesterday's events was put back on the ventilator. He is under sedation again to let the body and brain rest and heal. The important thing right now is keeping the ICP (cranial pressure down.) So far it's been within reason. The drainage cath EVD is still draining about 20 to 25 cc per hour. The nurse said he responded some this morning with thumbs up, but they are trying not to stimulate the brain too much. So, once again I am asking that he receive no visitors at this time other than immediate family members.

I deeply appreciate all prayers, love and concern!!! I wish I could respond to every email, message and post, but at this time it's just not possible.

Please keep praying!!!! God has blessed us with a new day, new mercies and new miracles!!!

I will try to update this evening or if anything changes.

We love each of you!!!!!

Go GOD Go!!!!


Even on days where the updates seem optimistic, "Sweet Tracy" and those taking care of Tracy need all the love and support you can offer. Whether it's a prayer every night before bed or a simple comment on the band's Facebook page, every little bit helps.

For those wanting to send cards to Tracy, please send to:

Tracy Stuffle / 1774 Shagbark Way / Gallatin, TN / 37066

To follow Tracy's recovery and to read Libbi's updates visit The Perrys' Facebook page:

Eternally grateful for any and all support during such a trying time you can check out The Perry's new official website:

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