Tracy Stuffle [Update]: Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree!

Gil ShalowitzFeb 16, 2013 04:06 PM EST

The Perrys are back on tour, but Tracy Stuffle, bass singer for the Southern Gospel group is still in the hospital after suffering a stroke weeks ago. Libbi his faithful wife, and servant of God have been by his side updating the band's Facebook, keeping friends and family in the loop as he recovers.

Tracy Stuffle Update as of 2/16/13 @ 9:15 am:

"Tracy has had two great days! Dr. Ulm his neurologist said yesterday evening that the progress that Tracy has made in the past 24 almost 48 hrs has been miraculous!!! Well, GLORY!!!

Tracy did excellent on the trach collar yesterday! He stayed on from 7 to 7! They took it off at 7pm to let him rest thru the night. They put him back on at 7am this morning and is gonna try him til 10pm tonight.

He had a great night resting! Temp has remained normal for 24 hrs!! He's staying awake and opening his eyes a lot more! He's smiling a lot. Our little friend Gracie came to see him yesterday and he lit up like a Christmas tree! He held her hand and smiled at her! She was kissing his hand and loving on him. I think that was good medicine for him!

Saints, I can't thank y'all enough for bombarding the throne room daily on Tracy's behalf!!!! Today is day 26 and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for all y'all's prayers, love and support!!!! Please don't let up!!! We love you all!!!

Thank You Jesus for Your touch to Tracy's body!!! I thank You for this valley and journey that You have chosen for us. May we stay faithful and true to You!!! I love You!!!!"

Libbi, The Perrys and most importantly, "Sweet Tracy" need all the love and support you can send him. Keep them all in your prayers and well wishes as they experience this trying time.

For those wanting to send cards to Tracy, please send to:

Tracy Stuffle / 1774 Shagbark Way / Gallatin, TN / 37066

To follow Tracy Stuffle's return to 100 % and to read Libbi's updates go to the bands official Facebook page:

Eternally grateful for any and all support, during such a trying time you  can check out The Perry's new official website



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