New Christian Rock Band, "Islander", Album and Tour Dates: 2014 New Album Release with Victory Records

Brianna BromleyNov 13, 2013 03:27 PM EST



    Victory Record's new addition to the label roster, Islander, is a heavy rock/metal music  band that has been working closely with famous artists such as Flyleaf, As I Lay Dying, The Chariot, and Stretch Arm Strong. By working closely with some of Christian music's best heavy bands, Islander is making it's way into the the Christian music scene as one of the most anticipated bands of the year. The four member band originated out of South Carolina where music and God quickly became their passion. Islander recently just released their first EP, "Pains", that is available for pre-order on ,and just released their first music video of the single, "New Colors". 

      Before siging with Victory Records, Islander had the pleasure of working closely with H.R on "Lucky Rabbit", as well as, Sonny from P.O.D, who has become one of the band's top motivators. By going to P.O.D's show as a teen and continuing to go as a married man, frontman Mikey Carvajal spoke to The Examiner about how the relationship with both bands became like a family. "They are one of those bands that really treat everyone at their shows as an extension of their family. So yeah, it was really the same as meeting any other friend. We all just talked a lot and went out for dinner and stuff and next thing you know we were writing a song that we thought Sonny would sound great over. I never thought in a billion years he would actually lay it down with us, but he did and it was killer. We really love those guys.".

By working with such great bands, Islander has already been put up to the standards of Rage Against the Machine and Deftones by having appealing heavy music to any walks of life. Islander is currently on tour with Close Your Eyes and will be traveling throughout the whole month of November promoting their group. Come January, Victory Records reports that we can expect to have Islander in the recording studio getting ready to release a new album with the new production group. The album is expected to be released in the Spring of 2014. Check out the new heavy music band at their Facebook Page or watch their music video of "New Colors" below. 

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