Top 10 Inspirational People on Twitter Includes: Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado, Tyler Perry, and More

Jeannie LawJan 24, 2014 04:58 PM EST

People are often bombarded with tweets that flood their Twitter feeds on a daily basis. Whether it is the latest trends or gossip, quite often posts that can bring a smile to a face or help someone make the right decision, are buried under a pile of the world's current happenings.

BreatheCast put together a list of 10 Twitter accounts that can help bring encouragement to Tweeters on a daily basis.

1. Joyce Meyer @JoyceMeyer

Meyer is a charismatic Christian author and evangelist that has touched the lives of many through her ministry. The televangelist topped the list of a Twitter analysis done by Huffington Post with the most retweets per day. Her scripture based tweets are regularly tweeted by thousands including pop singer Rihanna.

joyce meyers
(Photo : wikimedia Commons/Latreia)

2. LL Cool J @llcoolj

Actor/ Rapper LL Cool J, who popularly known for his ability to make women swoon with his romantic hip-hop tracks is actually quite the spokesman for positivity. Tweeting his constant motivating messages are not the only way to get inspiring words from the Hip-hop pioneer. In 2008 he was involved in an audio version of the Bible named, "The Bible Experience" which was published by Zondervan. In it he played the voice of Samson.

ll cool j
(Photo : wikimedia Commons/User:Hudgons)

3. Max Lucado @MaxLucado

Best-selling author, writer and preacher Max Lucado has had much success with his inspiring books and films. On the author's page tweeter's will be sure to read life-changing quotes from his most recent pieces of literature.

max lucado
(Photo : twitter/maclucado)

4. Rev. Run @RevRunWisdom  

Rev. Run is one of the founding members of renowned hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. He is also a practicing minister and serves as one to many celebrities in the hip-hop community. His Twitter account always contains quotes that offer wisdom and insight to his many followers.

Rev Run
(Photo : instagram/revrun)

5. Robert Griffin III @RGIII

Griffin, nicknamed RG3, is an NFL quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Griffin was known on his college campus for his faith as well as his football skills and the NFL star carried that over into his professional career. His NFL career has broadened his platform to spread the message. His Twitter feed always has a boost of encouragement.

Robert Griffin III
(Photo : wikimedia Commons/Caesarscott)

6. Colton Dixon @coltondixon

American Idol finalist Dixon never fails to share encouragement on his Twitter feed. Although the young star's debut album, A Messenger, made him one of the bestselling artists in Christian music, he never falls short of posting scripture or words of wisdom for his followers to read.

colton dixon
(Photo : wikimedia Commons/batman)

7. Dolly Parton @DollyParton

Country singer Dolly Parton is known to turn a few heads with her appearance and sassy southern style, but the singer/actress always has words of knowledge to share on her Twitter page.

dolly parton

(Photo : wikimedia Commons/Curtis Hilbun)

8. Tyler Perry @tylerperry

Who says inspiration is not funny? Perry is an actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, and songwriter and quite inspirational as well. The comedic actor is always posting funny yet spirit lifting quotes to his feed.

tyler Perry TD Jakes
(Photo : REUTERS/Steve Marcus)


Queen Latifah is known for her many gifting's as a rapper/actress/talk show hostess and more. Her down to earth attitude overflows unto her social media life. Whether sharing or re-tweeting, rest assured there will be words of encouragement coming from this successful versatile women.

queen latifah
(Photo : REUTERS/Lucas Jackson )

10. Alicia Keys @aliciakeys

R&B singer Alicia Keys is extremely passionate about standing up for causes she believes in. She constantly uses her Twitter account to spread awareness on matters that people may mot be aware of.

alicia keys
(Photo : REUTERS/Jason Redmond)


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