Top 10 'American Idol' Songs of All Time

Gil ShalowitzMar 13, 2013 03:23 PM EDT

With over 379 #1 songs from past American Idol contestants, you could image Billboard had a tough time ranking the Top 100 American Idol Hits of All Time.

See where Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips, and Jordin Sparks wound up on the list.

In honor of tonight's Top 10 episode of season 12 American Idol, we're going to recap Billboard's Top 10 Idol hits of all-time.

10. "It's Not Over" - Daughtry (2005)

Peaking at #2, Daughtry co-wrote the song with Ace Young, Gregg Wattenberg and Mark Wilkerson. After being submitted to Daughtry's A&R man Pete Garbarg, something was still missing.

"Chris needed a chorus for 'It's Not Over,' and we came up with it literally right before we went on stage," says Young. " I had no idea it would become the number one rock song of the year.

9. "Before He Cheats" - Carrie Underwood (2007)

Peaking at #8, the song was intended for a Gretchen Wilson, who had a big hit with "Redneck Woman". Originally more of a light-hearted cabaret style song, Underwood and producer Mark Bright transformed it into an arena rocker, centered around Underwood's powerful vocal.

the single remained on the Hot 100 for 64 weeks, the fifth longest run for any song in the chart's history.

8. "My Life Would Suck Without You" - Kelly Clarkson (2009)

Peaking at #1 for two weeks Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Claude Kelly wrote the chorus around the same time as "Since U Been Gone" and "Behind These Hazel Eyes". After piecing together a verse the song was complete.

Breaking a Billboard record, the song jumped from the 97 spot to #1.

7. "Because of You" - Kelly Clarkson (2005)

Peaking at #7, Clarkson wrote this hit with David Hodges and Ben Moody of Evanescence.

"He [Ben] heard 'Because Of You' and fell in love with it and said, 'I so want to work with you. I love this song. It's so passionate and so very much from the heart.' I didn't think that one was going to catch him. I thought he was going to say, 'that's a little sappy.'"

6. "Home" - Phillip Phillips (2013)

To date, "Home" has topped 10 different Billboard charts, including Hot Digital Songs, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40 and Rock Digital Songs. It is the highest-ranked coronation song on the Idol 100. "Having a song in Billboard has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so I had to keep pinching myself over the last year," says co-writer Drew Pearson. "It's been really exciting to see the song connect with so many people."

5. "Breakaway" - Kelly Clarkson (2004)

Peaking at #6, "Breakaway" was used for The Princess Diaries 2 movie.

"What I [Clarkson] love about 'Breakaway' is it's not a big power ballad. It's not like 'Miss Independent' or Usher's 'Yeah.' It's a really simple little lullaby anthem, and it's just pretty and the lyrics fit me to a 'T.' I thought it might be a great bridge song to hold the audience over until my next album."

4. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" - Kelly Clarkson (2005)

Peaking at #6, "Behind These Hazel" Eyes was the last song recorded for Clarkson's second record, and was completely autobiographical.

"I wrote a song about a relationship that I thought was going really well and then all of a sudden, it wasn't, and you find out that the person is not that into you and you're like, 'Wow, we spent so much time together.' The lyrics are perfect for what I was feeling at that moment. The song hits more personally than a lot of the other ones."

3. "No Air" - Jordin Sparks Feat. Chris Brown (2008)

Co-writer Harvey Mason intended "No Air" to be a solo male vocal. When demoing the song to Sparks, "she reacted like she thought the song was average but then called Jeff Fenster, her A&R man, raving about it, saying 'I love it.'" According to Mason.

After 6 months, Mason agreed to give the song to Sparks on the condition that they make it a duet. Mason who had collaborated with Chris Brown suggested him as the singing patner.

The rest is history for the song that peaked at #3.

2. "Stronger" (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson (2012)

Staying on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks, this monster single set new records by going to No. 1 on 15 different Billboard charts, including the Hot 100, Hot Digital Songs, Hot Dance Club Play, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40 and     Mainstream Top 40 and by becoming the best-selling "Idol" single of all time. As of July 2012, "Stronger" had sold 3,510,000 copies, one thousand more than the previous record holder, Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats."

1. "Since U Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson (2005)

Drum roll please. Her first collaboration with Max Martin and Dr. Luke found Clarkson on a plane flying to Sweden, not knowing what to expect about the hit producers.

Clarkson remembers the first time she heard the song. "I said, 'This is really poppy. Do you mind if we rock the track up a little?' They put in some heavier guitars and harder drums. It's just a really fun song to sing. It's very explosive and a great contrast to a lot of the other songs on the album."

"Since U Been Gone" peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.



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