'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers, News & Rumors: Details On Negan’s Victim Leaked?

Jon MendozaMay 20, 2016 09:37 AM EDT
AMC/The Walking Dead

In line with AMC's upcoming "The Walking Dead" season 7, details on who Negan's victim will be has been revealed.

According to Inquisitr, Glenn could be the one who is set to be killed off in "The Walking Dead" season 7, to follow his death in the comics. However, the publication also pointed out that other characters like Abraham, Maggie, Michonne, and Daryl could die in the seventh season of the hit zombie adventure series, since the series is known from diverging some plot points from the comic book.

As per the publication, ending Glenn's life in the series would create an impact to fans, not only to the other characters in the show. Nonetheless, it is also possible for the series creators to kill Daryl in the story, as the character is not existent in the "The Walking Dead" comic book series. In addition, fans see him as a "wildcard" character and this suggests that the writers may write whatever they want about him.

While being a wildcard character makes Daryl unsafe from being killed by Negan, the character may still be safe from death. According to the Facebook fanpage The Spoiling Dead Fans, Daryl is one of the survivors in the Sanctuary, along with other survivors.

"This is **UNCONFIRMED** at this time, so please take it with salt," as per the publication. It is also speculated that Negan might have brought back Daryl to the Sanctuary, which means another character might die in the season. According to International Business Times, Dwight might have rescued Daryl and they are set to work hand in hand to take down Negan.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 is set to premiere in October.

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