'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Release Date, Latest Spoilers: Clever Train Car Escape, October 2014 Premiere Date

Shilpa ChakravortyAug 25, 2014 09:52 AM EDT

Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the gang are locked up inside a train car, that's the last thing 'The Walking Dead' fans witnessed on the Season 4 finale of the sensational zombie-drama series. However, this has left fans anxious for the October Season 5 premiere which will answer mind-boggling questions about the survival of the hit series' favorite characters.

Robert Kirkman, the executive producer of 'The Walking Dead', shares a couple of hints to intensify fan speculation about the upcoming season. He started off by saying that Rick and his group will be able to get out of the train car. The escape will be done in a "creative" manner, which is only expected of Rick's group. Fans should get ready for the season premiere as the action-packed train escape "might" happen in the first episode.

Kirkman added that fans shouldn't miss the season premiere, because the spotlight is on the people of Terminus. The episode will explain who these people are and why they locked Rick and his group inside the train car.

The main man of the series Andrew Lincoln, who plays the role of Rick Grimes, describes the season premiere as the "most ambitious" among the other seasons that they've made. This season holds a promise of a more thrilling and fast-paced storyline compared to the previous seasons. Fans should expect to see much more zombie fighting action when the series returns on AMC.

After the trailer released on July 6, fans were left screaming for more spoilers. However, Kirkman is reluctant to ruin the Season 5, October 12 premiere.

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