The Rockers In Building 429 Just Released Their New Single "You Can," Accompanied By Inspiring Music Video

Marcus Lundin May 26, 2018 01:50 AM EDT
BUILDING 429/PROVIDENT LABEL GROUPCover for Building 429's 2018 single "You Can."

On Friday, Grammy-nominated rock band Building 429 announced the release of their new single, "You Can." Coming three years after their latest full-length album release, Unashamed, the new song is already playing at radio and an encouraging new music video can be viewed at the end of this article.

"You Can" is a cut from Building 429's upcoming new album, Live the Journey, which is slated for release on Sept. 7. The band is planning to release additional songs from the new album in consecutive weeks beginning in July and leading up to the September street date.

Talking about the story behind "You Can" and its new music video, Building 429 frontman Jason Roy says it is a very meaningful song to the band, and that they feel the new video reflects that perfectly.

"We all have experienced moments in our lives where we need God to 'conquer the giants' in our lives, but with Him-all things are possible," encourages Roy. "Oftentimes, the thing that we see as our greatest weakness is what God uses to show his perfect strength. Our deficits are just opportunities for the world to see God do the impossible in the most unlikely of circumstances. Our prayer is that this song empowers everyone who hears it to keep the faith and know that God is for them."

The music video features military veteran Redmond Ramos, founder of the organization Success Through Struggle which he started after his time as an FMF Navy Corpsman during which he stepped on an Improved Explosive Device (IED), losing his leg. He is now a motivational speaker and teaches tactical combat medicine as a civilian contractor for the military, while also appearing at numerous events, such as the Invictus Games, The Triumph Games. He was also a finalist on CBS's "The Amazing Race."

"Working with Building 429 was simply an amazing experience that I will never forget," exclaims Ramos. "I felt that the story we were able to tell is something that people from all different walks of life could relate to and truly speaks to anyone on a deep level. I was able to connect with my character in a way I've never connected with a character before. From start to finish, everyone involved was on a true mission to make something special."

Building 429 will be touring throughout the summer, with appearances scheduled at numerous festivals and events. Plans for a fall tour supporting their upcoming album are also underway, and details will be announced in coming weeks.

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Building 429 Summer Tour Dates*:

June 09 - Norfolk, NE 

June 23 - Phoenix, AZ

July 01 - Meansville, GA

July 04 - Stigler, OK

July 07 - Kansas, OK

July 13 - Olathe, CO

July 14 - Stockton, MO

July 15 - Toronto, ON

Aug 03 - Modesto, CA

Aug 4 - Simi Valley, CA

Aug 11 - Charleston, WV

Aug 25 - Centre Hall, PA

Aug 26 - Erwin, TN

Sept 08 - Regina, SK

Sept 13 - Abington, VA

Sept 15 - Paris, TX

* For the most updated schedule, visit their tour page; all dates subject to change

Click below to watch the official music video to Building 429's new single "You Can":

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