The Rhett Walker Band Explain Album ‘Here’s To The Ones’ & Perform Inspiring Single on BC NEWS [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawFeb 20, 2015 10:13 AM EST

The Rhett Wallker Band stopped by BC NEWS to talk about their sophomore album on Essential/Sony titled Here's To The Ones, and the band performed an acoustic version of the title track, see below:

Rhett Walker Band - "Here's to Ones"

On the rock/country album Here's To The Ones, cuts like "The Mystery," "Love Like Jesus" and
 "Adam's Son" reaffirms the band's creed to share the message of Christ with the masses. The standout track "The Mystery," is a personal favorite of BREATHEcast and of the band as well. They sing about a God who is less concerned with tattoos and cigarettes and more concerned 
with the heart.

The band consists of Rhett Walker (guitar), Kenny Davis (drums), Kevin Whitsett (bass) and
 Joe Kane (guitar). They met in Nashville five years ago, drawn together by a collective love for music and a desire to pursue a career recording and touring.

Their diverse influences are interlaced into the 11 cuts on their new collection which include: 
Clone, Here's To the Ones, Love Like Jesus, Adam's Son, The Mystery, The Other Side, Amazed, Better Part of Me, Someone Else's Song, Broken Man.

 To get your copy of Here's To The Ones on iTunes click HERE

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