‘The Returned’ Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Backstory Of Serge’s Victim, Why Lucy Claims Nathan As Hers Revealed In ‘Esther’

Jon MendozaDec 21, 2015 06:59 PM EST
Twitter/ @GMonster320The backstory of one of Serge’s victims is set to be revealed, along with a hint on why Lucy is eager on claiming Nathan as her own in “The Returned” season 2 episode 6.

The backstory of one of Serge's victims is set to be revealed, along with a hint on why Lucy is eager on claiming Nathan as her own in "The Returned" season 2 episode 6.

"The Returned" season 2 episode 6 is entitled "Esther." According to International Business Times, the episode will open with a flashback transporting the audience to ten years ago outside Lake Pub. A woman leaves a bar and is going into a tunnel when a young boy named Victor stops her.

Victor warns the woman not to go into the tunnel; however, it was already too late. Serge takes Esther from behind and grinds her into the tunnel. Victor walks away at the conclusion of the flashback.

The episode will also see Jerome in the woods, along with Berg, as they make an effort to find the former's family. As they go along the way, they find a sinkhole, which is similar to the one near the old dam. Before the two scrutinize the sinkhole, they bump into another person in the woods.

With regard the lovers, Virgil and Camille will share a moment in "The Returned" season 2 episode 6. Virgil visits the Camille in the latter's bedroom. Camille's mother, Claire, walks to the former's room and is surprised to see Virgil. She threatens the lad with a pair of scissors, asking him to leave. Virgil takes out a blade, but Camille intervenes.    

Meanwhile, "The Returned" season 2 episode 6, "Esther," will also give fans the answer on why Lucy is so determined on claiming that Nathan is her own. According to A.V. Club, nurse Ophélie mentioned that there was another woman who experienced trauma similar to Julie. Since Lucy's case is considered as close to Julie's, Ophélie's revelation suggests a big impact to the story line. 

"The Returned" airs on SundanceTV.

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