'The Newsroom' Season 3 Episode 1 Spoilers: 'Boston' Depicts FBI Raiding ACN Headquarters?

Shilpa ChakravortyNov 03, 2014 09:17 AM EST
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Fans of the HBO series, 'The Newsroom', are beginning to get excited as the third and final season is almost here as it's set to premiere on November 9. On that note, the final installment of the series will consist of six episodes.

Starting off with some commentary from a member of 'The Newsroom' cast, actress Olivia Munn had a few things to say about Aaron Sorkin, the series' writer and creator, "writes every single episode, and that's exhausting and that's very hard, to always do that. So, he made a decision to do six more and tell that story."

Munn went on to say that she's personally excited about Season 3 for two reasons. One: because it's "really exciting to be able to end a show on a high note. It's exciting because we all get to go off and do other stuff"

Two: "as a friend of Aaron's, I'm happy that he's not being forced to keep writing something when he's just exhausted."

Evidently, this has confirmed that the series will not longer continue with new episode after Season 3 comes to a close.

Stepping into spoilers, Season 3 will revolve around the Boston Marathon bombing, owing to ACN's screw up with the Operation Genoa story.

According tot he synopsis for the premiere episode, things will get "much, much worse when one reporter's pursuit of a story ends with the FBI raiding the newsroom!"

Furthermore, it seems that Neal might be tangoing with the authorities. According to International Business Times, "Neal will make contact with an anonymous source who hands over stolen government documents relating to riots going on overseas in Kundu... The documents reveal that false press stories may have been the cause of the riots."

However, the trouble starts when the document that Neal receives, might be a part of an illegal leak that could thrust ACN into a crisis again and leave Neal in prison.

'The Newsroom' Season 3 Episode 1, entitled "Boston," is set to air on November 9 via HBO.

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