'The Elder Scrolls 6' Release Date News, Rumors: Upcoming Installment Set To Be Launched In 2019?

Vianne BurogMay 28, 2016 08:21 AM EDT
BETHESDA/ The Elder Scrolls 6Game analysts speculate that 'The Elder Scrolls 6' will be released in 2019.

Fans of "The Elder Scrolls 6" may have to wait a little longer for the sixth installment of the popular game.

While there were previous reports that the new installment will be released in 2017, some media outlets reported recently that "The Elder Scrolls 6" will be released in 2019.

Fans expect the game to be made available this 2016, considering that "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" was released in 2011 and Bethesda is known to release new titles every four years. However, some believe that the sixth installment will follow in 2019, since "The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited" was released just last year.

Game analysts speculate that another possible reason for the delay of "The Elder Scrolls 6" release is Bethesda's ongoing development of more DLCs for its other popular game franchises, particularly "Fallout 4."

Based on reports, the company has already planned more untitled DLCs for this year, so plans for "The Elder Scrolls 6" have temporarily been put on the back burner.

Although little has been disclosed about the release of the new installment, fans continue to make speculations as to its title. Rumors have it that the game will be a sequel to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and will therefore be titled "The Elder Scrolls 6: Skyrim 2."

There are also rumors that the sixth installment will be set in Argonia and will be named "The Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia."

Meanwhile, there are fan-made videos spreading online, pretending to be official trailers of "Elder Scrolls 6." While Bethesda has kept mum about the issue, fans expect the studio to drop official updates about the game in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next month.

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