"The Bible" series on History Channel Biggest Ratings Yet to Come?

Matt LloydMar 23, 2013 11:10 PM EDT

Will episode 4 of "The Bible" be highest rated episode of the series so far?  

The ratings for "The Bible" series, produced by Mark Burnell ("Survivor" "The Apprentice") and Roma Downy ("Touched by an Angel") have surpassed everyones expectations from a ratings stand point.  The premiere episode became the highest rated cable series of the year at almost 14 million viewers.  

The ratings haven't dipped over the last few weeks for episode 2 and 3 either at over 10 million viewers each week and holding the top spot on cable tv.  

What can we expect for episode 4?  Jesus made his first appearance in episode 3 showing his birth and then his baptism with John the Baptist as an adult.  His ministry was just beginning as they showed Jesus getting in the boat with Peter and telling him to come and be "fishers of men".  

Episode 4 will share the stories of Jesus feeding the crowds in Galilee and bringing Lazarus, a dead man, back to life.  Jesus will enter Jerusalem riding on a donkey-a declaration that he is the Messiah and the people of the city praise him.  They will show Jesus turning on the money-changers in the Temple and kicking them out.  Caiphas works on getting Judas to betray Jesus and succeeds.  They show the scene of Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper and the chaos that it brings.  Jesus then gets arrested and condemned to death as the disciples scatter.

With Jesus and His story being at the forefront of episode 4, I would imagine ratings for episode 4 could be the highest yet leading into the final week of the series.  Christians and non-Christians alike are drawn to the story and man of Jesus and this expects to be the most realistic and powerful portrayal of his life and ministry on film to date.   The final episode airing on Easter should be a ratings blockbuster.  

Tune in Sunday night on the History Channel at 7pm CST to watch episode 4.   

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