'The Bible' Miniseries on History Channel: Actor Who Played Jesus - "My Whole Life Flashed Before My Eyes"

Eric Day Mar 31, 2013 05:46 PM EDT

The Bible on History Channel is yet again more proof that America is seeking spiritualism. Many question the presence of God and 14 million tuned in to The Bible premiere to find out more.

Mark Burnett, producer for shows like The Voice and Celebrity Apprentice, and his wife Roma Downey, best known for her role on Touched by an Angel, spent four years and countless hours making sure that The Bible was factual and entertaining for people of all walks of life, especially young people. It's been proven that younger generations are less likely to believe in God.

The special effects and fight scenes are appealing to those who were raised in an action/adventure era. The raw human emotions that are displayed appeal to all of us. Biblical characters weren't supernatural beings in a natural world, they were merely regular human beings who were touched by and had a relationship with God. Audiences are connecting with these men and women like never before because they are beginning to see themselves in these characters.

Though Burnett and Downey did use a little creative license when dramatizing the scenes from the sacred text, the message behind The Bible is still amazing. Burnett and Downey did an incredible job of recruiting non-believers and secular souls interested in the most iconic story ever told.

Tune in Easter Sunday for The Bible finale on History Channel at 8/7c. The conclusion will feature scenes from the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. 



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