"The Bible" Mini-Series: Jesus played by Diogo Morgado is Outstanding in Episode 4

Matt LloydMar 24, 2013 10:07 PM EDT

Playing the role is Jesus and doing it justice is clearly an impossible task, seeing how he was fully God and fully human and being a sinless man (which no one else is).  But with that said, as closely as a man can get to portraying Jesus on screen, Diogo Morgado, has done a mesmerizing job so far.  

Episode 4 entitled, "Mission", was a full two hour episode focused on Jesus mission and life, show as He gathers his disciples and works miracles as people begin to discover who He is and why He is put on the earth.  

When producer Roma Downey was asked of choosing Diogo for the role she said, "A lot of prayers went into finding Diogo". "We needed both a lion and a lamb, an actor who was charismatic and physically strong yet humble and gentle." She and Burnett were impressed with Morgado's audition video, and a meeting was quickly set. "When we saw him walking up the pathway to our house, we knew we'd found our Jesus," Downey says. "Most young actors today have a swagger. Diogo has a wonderful humility, a stillness. He is the heartbeat of our piece."

After seeing Diogo as Jesus for a full two hour episode now, he seems to have captured that essense of humility and strength about as well as you can.  His facial expressions really help capture the emotion that he is feeling in each scene and gives a glimpse as to what is going on inside his mind and heart.  

The way he speaks to the crowds with peace and confidence really hits home to the way Jesus would have spoke to his disciples and crowds of people.  He seems to always be in control, never an outburst of unintended emotion.  When he looks into peoples eyes and the way he physically interacts with people whether disciples or sick strangers, he comes across with such a love and care for whoever he comes into contact with.  

It is fascinating to see some of the stories that have been overlooked or never brought to film in such a realistic way.  

Diogo Morgado has done a wonderful acting job in my opinion so far and am excited to see the final two-hour episode entitled "Passion" next Sunday on Easter as this 10 hour, 5 part series wraps up. 

What have you thought of Diogo Morgado's portrayal of Jesus so far? 

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