The Bible on History Channel Episode 3: John Baptizes Jesus

Gil ShalowitzMar 17, 2013 09:07 PM EDT

Tonight's The Bible episode marks the third installment of the epic new miniseries on History Channel from mega producer Mark Burnett and Touched By An Angel star Roma Downey.

Episode 3 of The Bible also features the first appearance of Jesus, with John baptizing him in Sea of Galilee, thus beginning the ancient tradition. Played by Diogo Morgado, Jesus will remain for the final three episodes. The 5 part series wraps up on Easter Sunday, March 31st.

Episode 2 of The Bible didn't post as high of ratings as week 1. Hard to compare with episode 1's 14 million viewers, episode 2, "Homeland/The Kingdom" attracted an impressive 10.8 million viewers, down 18 percent from the premiere. 3.2 million viewers were adults 18-49 (the demographic that determines advertising rates).

Tonight's episode, "Hope/Survival" picks up with the Israelite Jews again enslaved by the Babylonians. We breezily transition to the story Daniel in the lion den. Daniel's faith is questioned in the face of danger, but staying true to God, Daniel's life is spared.

Again, with very quick transitions, the story moves to Gabriel descending to Earth to tell Mary she will birth the Son of God. Finally, Jesus has arrived.

Though The Bible garnered some heavenly ratings with it's March 3rd premiere. Episode 2, "Homeland" took a bit of hit only earning a little over 10 million viewers. Married producers Burnett (Survivor) and Downey expect a spike with the arrival of Jesus.

Tune in for the second half of The Bible episode 3 at 9/8c on History Channel. 



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