‘Terminator 5: Genesis’ Release Date Spoilers: Star-Studded Cast List Being Touted

Richelle LechagoAug 03, 2014 10:11 PM EDT

Recently, the list of names said to be cast in the upcoming 'Terminator 5: Genesis' has emerged on various Internet media outlets. Beyond that, spoilers about the scheduled July 2015 blockbuster have also surfaced.

One of the most interesting spoilers concerning the cast in the latest addition to the series, is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor will be reprising his role as the futuristic cyborg in 'Terminator 5: Genesis'. While there are no concrete reports as to the film's plot, fans can expect the movie to be jam-packed with action.

Schwarzenegger has recently made mention about his aesthetic appearance in the film now that he's aged since the first film.

According to the actor, the robots in the film are made of metal, but their exterior is made of human skin. This will account for the aged look of his character in the upcoming motion-picture.

Beside Arnold, fans of the series can expect a number of celebrities to join the cast. Jai Courtney has supposedly secured the role of Kyle Reese in the movie. Also, Emilia Clarke, of 'Game of Thrones' fame, will be playing the iconic Sarah Connor, while Jason Clarke plays John Conner.

On a side note, Hallels reports that 'Terminator 5: Genesis' will have two new T-800 robots, a younger one controlled by Skynet, and an older one which will be reprogrammed to help in the fight against Skynet.

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