VH1 Basketball Wives: Miami Season 5 Episode 5 [WATCH NOW] [FULL RECAP] Tami Roman Officially Quits The Show [SPOILERS INSIDE]

KeAndrea S GloverSep 17, 2013 11:49 AM EDT



Tami Roman Quits VH1 Basketball Wives: Miami Season 5 Episode 5 [WATCH NOW] [FULL RECAP] [SPOILERS INSIDE]

VH1's hit reality show "Basket Ball Wives: Miami" is one of the most anticipated reality shows next to Mona Scotts "Love & Hip Hop" series. Season 5 of "Basket Ball Wives: Miami" just kicked off this past August and it is already drama filled. This morning MediaTakeOut broke the news that Tami Roman said she will no longer be a personality on the shows next season via Twitter.



During last night's episode we saw the ladies come together for a little meeting to address some issues that are starting brew. In a previous episode we saw Tami Roman meet up with Evelyn Lozada to talk about how she felt Shaunie O'Neal planted a bad seed in Tasha Marbury's head by saying, "Things could go really right or really left" when describing what could ultimately happen when she met Tami for the first time. Tami threatened to punch Shaunie in her face if need be. Evelyn of course goes back to Shaunie and airs out the details of the entire conversation she had with Tami, which didn't sit too well with Shaunie. Shaunie said, "What do I look like telling my kids I got into a fight with one of my elders?"

During the dinner meeting we all thought things would escalate between Tami and Shaunie, but amazingly things went sour between Tami and Evelyn instead. Tami's disclaimer of not putting your hand up fell right through the cracks as Evelyn repeatedly raised her hand at Tami saying, "Boop b*tch," which made for good TV because we've already witness Evelyn get her a** whooped by Tami in a previous season.  Evelyn has apparently grown some balls or either she is going thru so many emotions with Chad she no longer cares because she called Tami a b*tch one last time before Tami jumped up from the table and positioned herself in Evelyn's face.

Evelyn confronted Tasha about her "head-butting" comment and Tasha confessed that if anybody should be mad it should be her after Evelyn put her relationship business in her tell all book. Tasha went on to confirm that she also said to Suzie, that Evelyn should wear a football helmet on her next date with a guy. Evelyn got up from the table in tears and left the dinner in a typical Evelyn fashion.

You can watch last night's episode down below. Sound off in the comments and let me know how you feel about all the drama. Stay tuned for more news and updates.


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