Switchfoot's "Fading West" Project: Release Dates & Details for The Anticipated Album, Tour & Movie 2013!

Brianna BromleyApr 23, 2013 09:13 AM EDT

The double platinum Christian rock band, Switchfoot has been working on their new album and movie for this upcoming summer titled "Fading West." 

The movie will be about a film crew that follows Switchfoot across the states as they tour and worship with fans, as well as surf along the coast line.  The band has ultimately described the documentary as a mix between "Dumber and Dumber" and "Endless Summer" as the crew expresses their passion for surfing and God during the 80 minute movie. "

The concept of the movie is basically what we live. We are always writing, always touring, and always surfing, so we will just be diving into the journey as it unfolds. Our goal was always to be professional surfers-and I am only partially kidding about that and if nobody is going to make a movie about us.. Lets do it ourselves." stated Jon Foreman.    

Along with the movie, Switchfoot is also making "Fading West" a combined duo consisting of a new album and a summer tour. This being the bands 9th studio album, the album will consist of songs that Switchfoot wrote in the locations they had visited within the last year.  With the 2011 release of their eighth studio album called "Vice Verses"  the fans are anxious for "Fading West" to be on the shelves. "Fading West" was actually originally supposed to be on the latest album as a pre-order bonus track on iTunes, also an earlier version of the track can be found during the credis of 2008 movie "Highwater.  

In an interview by "May the Rock Be With You", the band was asked what led them to this project after 15 years of being together. " We've been doing this for years now and it came to the point where we were like are we going to do this or not? If so, lets make it happen." stated Time Foreman.  The new soundtrack "Fading West" will have very cinematic qualities with much longer songs then the other albums. Chad recently just shared during an interview that "Fading West" will be a full blown feature film. "We have really never done anything like this before. Its exciting to be able to make the music simultaneously because we have always wanted to do a soundtrack for a film." 

The new album was said to be released around the May/June area, but has now been pushed towards the beginning of September.  The band is not planning to do a tour this summer but they are doing a "Fading West" tour which will consist of having the fans buy a ticket to see the new movie premiere and then afterwards Switchfoot will have a rock show. The show dates for the movie are still in the air, but there are talks of the movie possibly being shown at the X-Games. The "Fading West" tour dates will be announced mid July. The DVD then will release after the tour, schedule for a December 2013 release.  

To receive further information on all dates check out Switchfoots site.

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