"Survivor: Blood vs Water" Spoilers & Promo Trailer, Monica's New Alliance Revealed

KeAndrea S GloverDec 06, 2013 11:28 PM EST


"Survivor: Blood vs Water" Spoilers & Promo Trailer, Monica's New Alliance Revealed


New information has surfaced on the competition series Survivor: Blood vs. Water and it looks as if someone else will fall victim to another betrayal.

In the preview for next episode Ciera Eastin is seen informing Monica Culpepper that the odds are against her as she may be the next target at Tribal Council. Monica has been in alliance with Gervase Peterson and Tyson Apostol since the merge, which indicates that the two may be plotting against her.

However, this could be a power play by Ciera who may be trying to get Monica on her side by telling her that her own alliance is plotting against her. Currently, Ciera and Hayden Moss are on one side and Gervase, Monica, and Tyson are on another.

In the preview, Monica does a confessional saying that is she's Gervase and Tyson's "puppy dog," the she's about to make this a "me" game. If Monice decides to play dirty and vote with Ciera and Hayden that will make either Gervase or Tyson the next ones to go home.

If they vote for Tyson, he will shock them all when he reveals he has found another Hidden Immunity Idol and the next Tribal Council will be his final chance to play it, which probably lead him to use it regardless if he's threatened or not. If Tyson uses the Hidden Immunity Idol that leaves either Ciera, Hayden or Monica in the crossfire of being voted out with all of their votes being void if they're out for Tyson.

Be sure to tune into the upcoming episode of Survivor: Blood v. Water on Wednesday, December 11 at 8 PM on CBS. Check out the preview for the next episode below and stay tuned for more news and updates.



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