'Star Wars: Battlefront' Death Star DLC News: Game Includes Chewbacca, Bossk As New Characters

Jon MendozaSep 21, 2016 07:30 PM EDT
Electronic Arts/Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts' "Star Wars: Battlefront - Death Star" DLC is set to add two new heroes to its growing character arsenal, Chewbacca and Bossk.

Bossk and Chewbacca are set to debut as two new playable heroes in the "Star Wars: Death Star" digital expansion. As per "Star Wars: Battlefront's" official website, the in-game Chewbacca can be described as scary and exciting. According to the publication, the character is great to work on, as he is surrounded by passion.

Chewbacca has for abilities in the game: furious firing, multi-bolts, mighty roar, and grand slam. According to the website, Chewbacca will shoot an extra bolt for a total of four explosive bolts for each trait level in furious firing. Multi-bolts double the number of bolts per shot fired by the character.

Chewbacca's mighty roar is said to activate rebel soldiers and provide them the third-level Berserker effect and armor; however, it is set for a limited period of time. While Chewbacca is affected by the roar, armor gain, and damage, the heroes just get the armor effect and not the damage boost.

In terms of ground slam, Chewbacca becomes capable of dealing damaging to several enemies in a large area by smashing the ground.

Meanwhile, the bounty hunter Bossk is set to join Chewy in "Star Wars'" "Death Star" DLC. According to the official website, the character can be a destructive opponent while still being capable of running from danger. Because of his endurance in battle, players are assumed to have a hard time battling him.

Bossk's trait is Trandoshan Regeneration, which allows him to recover a portion of his health whenever he kills a soldier or deals a high damage to a hero. The health recovered also increases with the trait. For weapon, the character is set to use a Micro-Grenade mode, which shoots a micro explosive that detonates after a brief span of time.

Bossk can also find targets easily with his predatory instincts, which lets him execute heat vision, quicker cooldowns, boosted damage output, and higher sprinting speed. Also, the character has a toxic escape ability, which allows him to leap in the air in the direction he was moving, along with dropping a toxic Dioxis Grenade on the spot he was before.

"Star Wars: Battlefront - Death Star" DLC also got its latest trailer. It features a battle in the Death Star, along with the X-Wings and Luke Skywalker. The clip also showcases Chewbacca's aforementioned growl.

According to Game Spot, "Death Star" is set to feature new maps, weapons, and Star Cards, in addition to the Battle Station across the three phases. As per the publication, the final phase sees players become Luke Skywalker and fly the Red Five X-wing.

The "Star Wars: Battlefront - Death Star" DLC is set to come out this week.

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