A Star is Born: American Idol's Kree Harrison

Matt LloydMar 11, 2013 11:05 PM EDT

This season of American Idol (Season 12) is stacked with female talent this year.  Even with all of the talent, there are a few ladies that are still rising above the rest so far in the competition. One of those women is Texas native, Kree Harrison.  

So what can we learn about Kree Harrison?

Harrison, 22, considers herself country singer with an effortless voice, but it's her own unique flavor and passion while she sings that make her so captivating. She has been singing since as young as she can remember and at the age of 8, even performed on The Rosie O'Donnell show and ended up being asked be 3 more times. At the young age of 12, Kree caught the eye of Lyric Street Records, a country division of Disney. They unfortunately never got off the ground as their relationship fizzled due to creative differences. The main reason being that she wanted to stick to her county roots, so her and the label parted ways.  Harrison cites her favorite female artist to be Patsy Cline.  

Kree Harrison took the stage on Idol this week and quickly shot herself right back into the top female discussion doing a rendition of Faith Hill's song, "Stronger." AI judge, Keith Urbran, glowing about Harrison's performance said, "I just love to hear you sing", while Nicki Minaj adoringly adds, "I'm obsessed".  The judges seem to be drawn to her natural talent as a vocalist over focusing too much over her wardrobe or her performance. She just opens her mouth and everyone is captivated by her sound. Mariah Carey simple states, "You could walk right into a record label, simply sing for them and they would give you a record deal on the spot."

Harrison made the cut on Thursday night to become one of the Top 10 going into this week.  Tune in Wednesday night on FOX to hear her sing next. 

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