Spoken Starts New Album in May; Matt Baird Says 'It's Not Going to be the Same Record as Illusions' [INTERVIEW 4]

Justin SarachikDec 11, 2014 04:56 PM EST
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Matt Baird, the lead singer of Christian rock band Spoken, recently chatted with BREATHEcast and revealed some info about the band's upcoming album, being part of a huge Christian music scene, and writing songs that touch lives.

Spoken is planning to hit the studio in May, and is looking to record at least one song a week or so after Baird finishes his worship record in January.

"We started writing right now. There's a solid eleven ideas. Some of the songs have music already," Baird revealed. He said he has been tied up in other places at the moment, and so far there is a couple of scratch vocals. "We don't want to do another Illusion, we don't want to do another self-titled, we don't want to do another Echoes, we need to do something that continues to make this band grow as Christians, as songwriters. It's something that a lot of bands that have inspired us over the years, and feedback from people. It's not going to be the same record as we've done before."

Jokingly, Baird was asked if the band would go back to their rap rock/nu metal roots, which is something he quickly shot down. Since that time they went more melodic and heavier. Illusions is the heaviest most melodic record they have made so far. He is not sure if they can get heavier than the last album.

As far as songwriting, Baird does not want people to get caught in the music as far as losing the meaning in the concepts of the album. He want his songs to bring meaning and not hide what it means behind allusions and metaphors.

"Sometimes bands write songs that are just too in depth to even figure out what they're talking about," he said, "Music is supposed to be used to inspire, and yes makes people think a little bit, but it should be something that if you have no clue what that person is trying to say, you should be able to enjoy the music."

He continued, "If it's worship, you know what it's about. It's when band's are too artistic to be any good, I mean, they are no good to humans because people have no clue what they are actually saying. I don't get it, but maybe it's just my ignorance when it comes to music."

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Spoken 'Illusion' album cover.

What Baird is looking for personally is being able to dig the music and when he meets them, be blown away by their character. "I don't understand why band's have to be so difficult sometimes. In the end people can take from the song whatever they get from it."

He shared there are songs that are about his wife and how much he loves her. "I have people who are like, 'That song, I can just worship'. I guess no matter what, it goes back to, God can use anything, no matter how messed up we are. If he can use a song about one of our wives to get closer to Jesus, by all means, do it."

Baird then talked about Spoken being part of the Christian rock resurgence in the early 2000s alongside big acts such as P.O.D., Project 86, UnderOath, Blindside, and the list goes on.

"Project 86 blew up immediately, more people looked at them as kind of Rage Against the Machine like than us," he said.

The singer then said recently while driving, "Youth of a Nation" by P.O.D. came on and it reminded him of how much Satellite is an incredible record. "I was thinking about those guys, thinking about what they accomplished over these years, taking it back to the first time we ever played with P.O.D. in Austin Texas. It was a dream come true because I had only heard about them the year before, but the fact they were there and playing songs off Snuff the Punk, 'This is insane'" he said.

Lastly, Baird is just grateful for the life he gets to lead, and wants everyone to know how he feels about getting support from fans.

"I can't believe that I still get to play music, that I still get to travel. So I don't take it lightly, and I will never take it for granted that I've been able to do this for so long. I don't know how long I'll get to do it. I know that I'll do music my whole life, I don't know if I'll travel my whole life, but, there's no doubt in my mind that I've met the most amazing people that God ever created because of being on the road," said Baird.

He concluded, "I met my wife because of being on the road. I have some amazing relationships with some great people and great pillars of the Christian faith. It's because of trying to do my best to be obedient to Jesus and do what he wants me to do. To anyone who's ever paid attention to Spoken at all, I appreciate it. The same way about anyone who has ever said a prayer for us or our families. It means the world to us and I'm humbled truly by everything that has existed because of God allowing it.

Baird's upcoming worship project can be funded at his Kickstarter account which can be viewed here. Watch the trailer for the campaign below:

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