Soulfire Revolution Takes Its Popular Song, 'We Will Rise Up' To Radio 

Jon MendozaMay 19, 2016 06:10 PM EDT

Soulfire Revolution is set to transition on of its popular songs to the radio.

According to a press release, Soulfire Revolution members announced that they are taking "We Will Rise Up," their popular song from their "Afterglow" album, to radio. With rising up as Christians as its central theme, "We Will Rise Up" is also a potent worship song that encourages and reminds Christians that they as believers could do all things through God, who strengthens people.

"We Will Rise Up" is a suitable song for those people who feel down and in the middle of darkness. The song lyrics on Soulfire Revolution's official website says "We will rise up/ We lift our hands up/ We're singing Hallelujah/ We will stand up/ From the ashes we will rise up/ We're singing Hallelujah." Thus, the song is a blend of adoration and ignition of one's spirit.

Released on Aug. 21, 2015, Afterglow stands as Soulfire Revolution's second studio album. Along with "We Will Rise Up," the album also has ten other tracks, which include "Arise," "Lost In Your Love," "You Have Won My Heart," "Fire Fall Down," "An Encounter," "Set Us Free," "Set The World On Fire," "Back Into Your Arms," "Just One Touch," "Reveal Yourself," and "Afterglow."

Soulfire Revolution is a passionate group of worshippers who utilize their musical talent to act as mediator between God and his believers. Based in Bogota, Columbia, the group's members began as their church's worship team and they direct the youth to worship every week.

Watch Soulfire Revolution's "We Will Rise Up" music video.



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