Soul Tempo Exclusive Interview: Deeper Lyrics On "Trust In God", & Lionel Richie's Advice.

Gil ShalowitzFeb 21, 2013 04:53 PM EST

Jerry Brunson was kind enough to share a few minutes with BREATHEcast to talk about Soul Tempo's upcoming single "Almost Home" from their 2012 breakout album Trust In God.

In 2012, Soul Tempo released Trust In God. How have fans responded to the album?

Let me tell you. We were just performing in New York on Sunday and everybody was dancing. It was a great thing to see. Soul Tempo fans love Trust In God. They got us to #24 in the national charts. We had no idea as we were writing the songs they were going to have this kind of impact on people. I think that's an everyday thing. As we wake up we ask who will we put our trust in? That's Trust In God.

How does it compare to previous Soul Tempo releases?

I think it's different because we got a little deeper into our lyric writing. It really tells a great story about how when going through life you have nobody to trust except God because you can't trust in man. I have to be honest with you, this superseded any other record we had ever done. It's just a blessing. I think God had us anointed on this record.

How did you and the group get involved with ministry through music?

It was always in our blood because all of our family members are very religious. A few years ago God really hit all of us at the same time. It was plain and clear to us. It was like, "this is what I want you guys to do, and if you guys do this I can open a lot of doors for you." As we were in the studio making the CD things just started to happen. Nothing is on our timing, it's on God's timing. It was just time for us to let Him do what He wanted us to do with our life.

What advice would you give to up and coming Christian artists?

First thing for everybody trying to do this is put God first. They have to believe. A lot of people really don't believe. They go to church for one or two days but then they lose that excitement by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Surround yourself with good people. Nobody in life is perfect. You just have to keep focused on what's straight ahead. God always says he'll meet you half way, so you'll always have to keep going and focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. I would tell anybody, "Never give up," because eventually it's going to happen for you. Whatever you're seeking is the same thing seeking you. They always say, "seek and you shall find."

What kind of music influences you and your group when writing for a new album?

Music has been instilled in us. We did classical music for six years and went to college as voice majors. To be honest with you though, we always pay attention to the market. But at the same time we try to do something a little different than everybody else.

We pay attention to Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and people like that. We try to see what they have done to capture an audience. We keep the Christian inspiration music commercial because you want to touch people's hearts in every genre. Even the unsaved need a great story.

Any non-Christian, mainstream music make it on the iPod?

I have to be honest, Adele is another one. We always paid attention to Boys II Men. When were young our family always listened to the MoTown stuff. We did the movie The Preacher's Wife with Whitney Houston. Not only were we huge fans of hers but she was a friend. We sat down with Lionel Richie in his trailer and he made a good point. He made a great point. He said, "If you write about love, it'll never die." So we put a little bit of that into our Christian music.

God wants to save every soul. Even if someone doesn't listen to Christian music, you still want to capture them. We were in Philadelphia, this girl was listening to one of our records and she started to cry. It hit her in her heart and she wasn't a Christian.

What's next on the horizon for Soul Tempo? New single? More touring?

We've toured a lot in 2012. We did a lot of international television with the Word Network with Dr. Bobby Jones. We did TBN. We did concerts all in Detroit, Chicago, down in Atlanta, Alabama. It's been great to go down there and see our fans and shake hands with the radio personalities who have been giving our record the opportunity. We enjoyed that so much and look forward to doing that in 2013 also.

We're performing in New York this weekend promoting a song off the Trust In God CD entitled, Almost Home" which was released to radio two weeks ago. After that we're working on putting together a lot of concert and television dates this year.

Soul Tempo's Trust In God is available worldwide at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Target.

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