Skillet Drummer, Vocalist Jen Ledger Debuts Self-Titled Solo EP 'LEDGER' To Critical Acclaim

Marcus Lundin Apr 13, 2018 05:14 PM EDT
Jen LedgerCover for Jen Ledger's 2018 solo debut EP LEDGER.

Long-time Skillet drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger is debuting her first-ever solo EP today as LEDGER. On the self-titled LEDGER, the singing hard rock drummer serves up a generous serving of six powerful new tracks featuring the singer's unique vocals and infectious rock beats. 

Joining multi-platinum selling, Grammy-nominated rock band Skillet at just 18 years old, the British-born Ledger's talent and stage presence has given her a distinct role in the band. Stepping out from behind the drum kit to front her own band, Ledger collaborated with Skillet bandmates, husband and wife John and Korey Cooper on the new record, with the latter helping produce LEDGER along with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Seth Mosley.

The EP has quickly garnered critical acclaim in reviews, with Hallels writing, "...with a blast of electric guitars and ear-popping percussions... Is this a great hard rock record with heart and soul? The answer is a resounding yes."

Jesus Wired is on the same page, but going a step further writes, "Put simply, LEDGER is a finely crafted masterpiece and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better release in the whole of 2018."

Requested by LEDGER to pick a favorite song on the new EP, fans on social media had obvious difficulties, exemplified by Twitter user Andrew's response to the request, "Favorite?! How do you expect us to choose what the heck!!! You basically just dropped the best EP ever. So solid. I might pick 'Warrior' if I had to choose but all in all that was SUPER solid, Jen!"

Currently on tour with her bandmates in Skillet and For King and Country on the "joy.UNLEASHED" tour, Ledger is still drumming and performing vocals on Skillet's iconic rock songs, but with her new solo band LEDGER performing as the opening act at each show.

Find out more about LEDGER and upcoming tours and projects at her official websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. The new EP LEDGER is available for download and streaming here.

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