Singer V. Rose Says 'Hardest Song' to Record on 'Forever After' Deals with Tough Childhood and 'Ultimate Sad Day' of Loved Ones Rejected From Heaven (VIDEO)

Jeannie LawAug 06, 2014 08:57 AM EDT

V. Rose is a Christian artist and is not afraid to claim it. In a recent interview with BreatheCast, the gifted singer opened up about the most personal song of her new album and more.

V. Rose was born Vienna Rose Da Re, alongside six brothers. She described that having one girl friend growing up helped her "stay" girlie. She started singing at age six and was signed to rapper FLAME's Clear Sight label, at age 16. Her debut self-titled album was released in 2011 and her latest album, Forever After, was released May 20, 2014 and successfully charted on the Christian charts.

V. grew up in California and maintains that she loves it there, but revealed that it might be time for a change, "I possibly will be moving at the end of the year to saint Louis where my label is at," she said.

When asked about her inspiration behind her music she said, "Songs just sorta come to me," and then detailed her song writing process for some of the songs on the album.

Her song "Am I Trending" features her label mate and friend Flame and discusses the influence social media has on this generation. "As I started writing it, all these things that come with social media just started pouring out," she said, "So that one was super easy I probably could have written like 10 verses to that song."

The very creative concept for "King Kong's Sky Line" came from writing for a Christian movie, "I was thinking more along the lines of a movie sound track. I just love to think outside the box and the imagery sort of came to me of King Kong and I thought about how God's love is kinda like that he'll just pursue us to no end," she mentioned

"I like to be creative, every song, I think of it like a piece of art that I want to be around forever. So the best way to do that is to make something memorable not lollipop, la la la, that someone is going to forget about in six months," V. mentioned.

The singer revealed her favorite song to listen to is "Forget About the World." She explained, "I wrote that as a party song that you can play in youth groups or in the car and it's sorta just one topic that repeats in several different ways, over several different music parts and you can dance and have fun."

". :(" (Period. Sad Face) is a BC favorite and V. revealed that it is extremely close to her heart. ". :(" is so special to me because I wrote that about my brother, a couple of my brothers."

"I always let the music talk to me...It just felt like a sad song... but then I started just pouring out my heart," she went on to say. Adding, "I started just pouring out my heart about the people that were in my heart."

The 25 year-old said, "My sister she's like my best friend, but we're practically like sisters, that's who I'm talking about in the first verse.

She confessed, "We both were hurt by certain things in our life and I decided to run towards God and she decided to run the other way. That breaks my heart because I want to see her saved. That was one of the saddest moments in my life seeing her run the other way."

She then explained who the other verse was about, "My brother it's the same thing he was just very hurt by certain things in our life, we had a really tough childhood, so he ran away when he was very young and got into a lot of trouble." She admitted he was "in and out of jail."

"I just talked about very sad days in my life and we all have them," she said, "I talked about the ultimate sad day is if we never reached out to the ones that we loved and they stood before God and didn't get to go to Heaven."

V. emotionally continued, "I think that was the hardest song for me to write and record, non-stop crying, my music is such an outlet for me to express myself hopefully it can help other people too."

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The Clear Sight artist has been singing in church since she was very young and has maintained an authentic relationship with God, but she acknowledged she had to fight to keep it. "Growing up I went to church every single day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So I really grew up in church," she said.

"I thought that was what saves us, going to church. It wasn't until I was 16 that I really started to understand and study that it's the personal relationship in accepting Jesus and what He did for us, that is what saves us and who saves us," said V., "It really comes down to that personal relationship."

Starting to travel on the road for her music really tried her own personal walk with God, "I'm always traveling from city to city; sometimes I can't be home for church so it really tested my relationship," V. openly shared.

The singer advised Christians to have someone to be accountable with whether in church or out traveling. "There isn't much accountability on the road. I think the best thing is to get people that you can be accountable to, have a mentor," she said, "Especially if you're a young teenager and you have a million questions like I did, find somebody that you feel comfortable enough asking those questions to that you feel is not going to judge you and that you can be accountable to."

Forever After is V.'s second album, but she said she still has so much more to give. "I have so much to offer our generation... I would love to get into the CCM market. I also would love to do more community stuff," she readily declared.

As a young, trendy artist who actively uses social media as an outlet to share her music and ministry, V. offered advice about social media.

"Being yourself is the most important thing. I think a lot of times social media makes you feel like you have to be cool," she recommended, "You don't want to post pictures of yourself that you don't think are glamorous so you just try and show the glamorous post of your life which isn't always real."

"Try to be yourself in that 
it will show others that they don't have to hold up to this standard because there's so much pressure sometimes to be someone else," she continued.

V. believes it is possible to use social media for good saying, "Post stuff about who you are, 
just show through your life how God loves you and you love God, be a light."

To connect with V. Rose visit her new Instagram page VRosejustforfans and her album Forever After is now available on iTunes, listen below:

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