Singer-Songwriter Takes 'Small Steps' Towards God & Life is Dramatically Changed; Debuts New Single [VIDEO]

Jeannie LawMay 12, 2015 03:16 PM EDT
Press Release

Colorado based singer-songwriter, Sarah Anne Taylor, debuts her first single "Small Steps". The song is a beautiful marriage between pop and folk, featuring expressive piano, energetic percussion, and ethereal vocals. The single tells the tale of a journey Taylor took as her faith was tested and tried.

But before that particular journey began, another one had started years before. Taylor's journey with music started at an impressionable time in life when she realized what an incredible outlet it could become for her.

"I could express so many of my jumbled up thoughts when I wrote it into song," she says. "Every time I tried to express myself with my words, I would just ramble and never clearly communicate what was going on in my heart. But when I picked up a guitar or sat at the piano, the words came clearly and everything made sense."

Music became her source of expression in joy, pain and in worship throughout all circumstances. As her music grew, so did her faith. Her single is the outcome of both of these.

"Small Steps is my personal testimony. I grew up with Christian influences all my life and was always involved in my church in one way or another. I fell in love with Christ early. But a time in my life came when I found myself surrounded by the world, and it honestly didn't look that bad. Everyone was having fun, no one was getting hurt, and all these lines I'd learned not to cross started to blur.
I thought "Why not? I could try this out." So I started making small compromises here and there, taking small steps away from who I was. But then one day, it hit me so hard how far I had walked away from what I knew to be true. I had become a completely different person. Praise the Lord, at that moment I dropped to my knees and let forgiveness change me and bring me back to the grace I had called home."

Taylor's heart behind this song is that small steps are so easily taken. That life is the summation of all the little decisions we make, but can be completely and utterly changed by the decision to follow Christ. "The great thing about following Jesus is that he calls us to walk, not run, with him. The small steps we take with him are far easier and peaceful than the ones we take away. They also lead to a very real and ultimate paradise."

Taylor's partnership with Adison Records has been God-ordained from the beginning. From the first meeting to signing the dotted line, the relationship has truly brought the music to life.
Aided by legendary hit-maker and producer Dustin Burnett (Royal Tailor, Rhett Walker Band, Moriah Peters, Jimmy Needham etc.), Taylor's single was transformed from a dream into a reality.

Walk alongside Sarah Anne Taylor in her personal journey of faith in times of testing and trial. "Small Steps" not only marks the end of one road but the beginning of another as she debuts her musical career.

For more information visit her website HERE

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