Singer-Songwriter Sarah Kroger To Release First Full-Length Album 'Bloom' This Fall, Produced By Audrey Assad

Marcus Lundin Jul 25, 2018 11:10 AM EDT
SARAH KROGERStill frame from a video about Sarah Kroger's 2018 full-length debut album, Bloom.

Singer-songwriter Sarah Kroger is announcing the release of her first full-length album, Bloom, coming in the fall of 2018. The upcoming album is available for pre-order now on PledgeMusic and is produced by acclaimed Christian artist Audrey Assad.

Bloom takes its name from the metaphoric notion that believers, just as the tightly bound, closed bud of a flower are meant to blossom and become what they are truly meant to be. Kroger says the album is filled with songs of remembrance that she hopes encourages listeners to dream big and love deeply.

"I needed to remember the simple truth that at the core of my identity, I am 'Beloved,' so we wrote some songs from that place," she explains. "How different our world would look if we all were able to embrace and live in that truth. It's time to start living like we believe we're the children of God, who loves us unconditionally."

The upcoming album is not the first time Kroger and Assad join hands on a project. On Assad's latest album, Evergreen, released earlier this year, the two teamed up to co-write the song "When I See You," drawing inspiration from the parable of the prodigal son in the Book of Luke, chapter 15.

Debuting in 2010, Assad's first album, The House You're Building, went to be named Christian album of 2010 on and Christian Breakthrough Album of the Year on iTunes. Following her latest album this year, Assad says she is evolving spiritually but also as an artist and a woman in a male-dominated music business.

According to a study by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative featured in Billboard, 2017 marked a six-year-low with only 16.8% of popular music's artists being women, 12.3% were songwriters, 9.3% were nominated for a Grammy Award and 2% were producers.

"I know there are organizations, including some here in Nashville, that are already addressing this disparity, like Sound Girls," Assad says. "I'm glad to add my voice to this conversation and am looking forward to beginning work on Sarah's new album."

"Audrey Assad is a good friend and someone whose work I am continuously been inspired by," Kroger adds. "I could not be more excited to have her at the helm as we start tracking the songs this month. If all goes according to plan, Bloom will be out to Pledgers by October."

Bloom can be pre-ordered now exclusively via PledgeMusic.

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